Make it super...Supersized...super hot...super sex..  

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7/31/2006 4:17 am

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Make it super...Supersized...super hot...super sex..

Super or blooper..

Is there an S on your chest?

IT seems like today..everyone wants something to be “Super”

A Super Job
A super car
Super Sex

So Sunday is super many things we expect to be “Super” they can often end up just being a “blooper”.

Something that we look back at and laugh at.

Today..Sunday is dedicated to that..

The place of the day for today if North Beaches in Florida. (Between Jacksonville and St. Augustine as well as the beaches up on around the pan handle.)

Today is the story of a “blooper” that ended up being super. At the same time..we can probably put this in the “oh snap, oh wish you could take it back scenario.

“Dinner with the thinner leads to more on the floor..”

I cooked and had a lady over for dinner one day. We has met at work, but she had only seen me a certain way. I probably always had dress shirts on or loose fitting close, or perhaps was layered. Needless to say..she had not idea what my body looked like.

In all honesty..I use to dress that way on purpose. I did not want people just chasing me around because or my body. No I would purposely dress to make my self look skinny..when I was cut and muscular. Well At dinner..I had to change my shirt because a) I was hot..and b) I got something on my shirt.. So I said.. hold right back..and took off my shirt. Lady’s we all know that a guy can give you look like he is sexing you like crazy in his mind..well fellas…all I can say is ..if she was a cartoon character.. her eye balls would have pooped out of her head and her jaw hit the floor. When I came back..she kept looking like she wanted something more.

In this moved to the floor.and were super. (more stories about this lady on another day). But want to hear the blooper. She said, “I’m sorry but when you took of your shirt and left the room, I was about to go over to the kitchen and practically hump the broom. Just looking at you got me so wet..I thought if he wanted to do me now.. I’d bet! I’d seen lots of chest..but you have on the best..and by all means with out touching got me wetter than the rest!

Oh snap, oh crap…she was embarrassed and wish she could take it back..but by the time we were through. we were both so wet and full of sweat..that we pretty much both forgot about the short few lines that I just shared with you..

What’s your favorite body part? For many..the chest is best..above the rest.

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