Lip licker...From Cali to N.Y, HI..  

sweetlovethe94 42M
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8/17/2006 3:14 am
Lip licker...From Cali to N.Y, HI..

(keep reading this blog to see why) It's not that I'm shy or don't have an

Not but I for reason to be told here shortly don't go showing my face all over the world easily..From 15 mins of fame and from a bunch of drama in life. (check out the upcoming..Fight Terrorism/Sept 11/the end of Super girl? blog)

So Like I said earlier today..I don't look much like my cousin..but chest and arms..we are like clones..just I'm lighter..

if you know his wife Simon and those 4 cut girls of never saw

My look alike of the day... the lip licker him self..(and another thing we both have in common.. I don't think I ever have chap lips..since I lick them so even in Germany, Uk, France or Amsterdam when I Was there in the cold..go figure.)

This is J...have a good day..

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