If you try this at home...just splash..don't crash...and keep it hot and make it last..  

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8/6/2006 3:41 am

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If you try this at home...just splash..don't crash...and keep it hot and make it last..

Traveling Tuesday. Many people have had sex in a truck or car or have even maybe been a little insane and done something in a plane. Me, not exactly any penetration in a truck or car..but something perhaps better by far. How are you behind the wheel? Are you good with your hands, I guess I am.

So what’s the story for this traveling Tuesday? One that will probably want to know more. Where ever you have to drive and go..you can always heat things up or stimulate them slow. What am I talking about? It is what I like to call the splash on the dash.

Rather you are making it “heavenly” on 270, or going “south” on 95..this is something that can keep some sexual tension, excitement, and anticipation a live wile a on a long boring trip or drive.

This is probably easier with the guy driving and the girl in the passenger seat. Make sure no one is around you on the road, you have really tinted windows or you have something to cover one of you up..

What’s a splash on the dash..it is masturbating the other person in front with you or mutual masturbation while driving.. I hope you really have skills to pull this off. Someone you out there would probably wreck ..so please see and expert for details.. wink (the follow was done on a closed course by professional..please don’t try on your way home..lol NOT! Just messing)

Okay seriously now.. ladies, what is the wettest you have ever been? I have done this a lot with people I have been with and fellas and ladies, I have never..ever, ever seen or felt a girl get wetter than doing this. (other than oral/ and some other things) So (guys) you are driving..let her touch you but not pull it out.. Then you start to rub on her while you drive.. (please tell me you can drive!?!?!) Message the left side and the right side of her lips. (usually most women this is a hot spot..find which side is better for her) As she gets wetter..go ahead and start to stimulate her clit. Keep rubbing and stopping when she is about orgasm. Then let her orgasm a few times.. Then finally let her touch you..or not (depending on what will get her more excited). There is more to it..bbut by all means try it out for yourself! Let me know how it goes = )

The splash on the dash.. honestly, if the girl squirts.. I have seen it fly.. and even if she is one to almost cream like a guy. The last time I did this..we were both so sticky by the time we got to where we were going.. We probably would have had everyone in heat if we had not stopped in bathroom before hand and washed up some. All but one time…we had a little sticky mess on our hands..before we even reached where we were going. The only times I have cum harder are my blog story (see… and maybe a 1 or 2 other times..But defintley..for all you guys out there in a rush..you need to slow down and stop and go and it will gush. Don’t let a lady lie to you…just like we like see them have an orgasim.they get turned on by us cuming also.

Any similar experiences of if your try it..and it works let me know..

Be real and keep it hot and heavy = )

Don't believe me about shooting or splashing..maybe I should prove it on a video intro? I don't know..but for now..you can check out my profile and my voice intro..
Say hi when you cum by..(i like ladies and not men..sexually..sorry fellas)

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