Hey out there in Tenn, south Florida many lie about what they make fly..but this..well give it a try  

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8/3/2006 2:25 am

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Hey out there in Tenn, south Florida many lie about what they make fly..but this..well give it a try

Walking in Memphis? As the song..goes..no more like stuck sitting on my arse in Memphis.

Better yet I feel more like that old arrested development song (Tennessee)

Some I'm sitting here with no plane to catch in Tn. Of course everyone one I know (friends, family,etc) seems to be MIA (Missing in action, just in case you don't know..lol) Airlines and so called "bad weather" I hate to see what they do if something really occurred bad whether or others wise. Some wind or rain barley bats an eye lash and some airlines and they are all OH my God..we can't do anything..We can't fly..flights are canceled...

Thinking of things to talk about on here. Some funny sex stories, crazy things from life to add a little spice.

This leads me to another funny story so on to another adventure of mine

RRRRRRREeebound man..

Oh snap, Oh Crap.. you wish, you wish..you wish you could take it back..

Catching your eye..watching it fly..

Something ever occur to you that you wish you could take back? Well here is a story from a few years back. I was at a sporting event at a large arena when I felt someone’s eyes practically burning in the back of my head. I looked up to see a strawberry blonde with curly hair just smiling and staring at me in the stands. I walked back to my seat from the concession stand and a friend (who shall be nameless since he should be a lawyer now) then introduced me to the girl who had been staring at me just moments before. It seemed that her ex was jerk. He slept around and had been around town. So she was looking for someone new. We talked for awhile and went out to eat. We hung out a few times and went back to my place. Next thing you know I am on my back and that was that. For weeks, we saw each other until one faithful day, the truth came out in the biggest way. We had been trying to see who could tire out first. It was the 5th or 6th time in that day that we were on our way to when my roommate came home for a little while. So of course we talked all talked she found out that my roommate worked with her ex. She seemed a little rattled. However we did still gave each other oral one more time that day.. and I must say that I don't think I have ever shot as far as I did that day. The funny thing is..she road horses and had a competition to go to. Well she got most of the cum off of her..but not all out of here hair. She was so embarrassed to be asked..uh..what's that there? We saw each other a few more times, but we did not do anything sexual anymore from that day, not even on my birthday. Why..because she did not want her ex to know what she had done with me..she was still in love and wanted the other man..and her ends that adventure of the rebound man..

Have any crazy oh snap , oh crap stories or just anything crazy to tell..by all means post a reply..

Wonder who shot this pic? It's from a few years back on a flight from atlanta to Florida. Care to guess who took it. Give you a hit..his First name, starts with J and the last name with a W. He plays basketball for a team called the "miami heat"..lol

I've seen a lot of people mess that man over and give up on him.. I bet all the ladies that blew him off wish they did not blow him of now.. Keep doing what you are doing man.. Flash that championship ring. Another friend from years ago..when I had my 15 mins.

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