Dick in hand..  

sweetlovethe94 42M
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8/19/2006 8:01 am
Dick in hand..

Now a quick adventure of RRRRRRRRRRRRREEBOUND MAN!. Oh snap, oh Crap you wish..you wish you wish you could take it back.

So do any of ever watch MTV. Do you recall them following people around on spring breaks..lol. Well they came to my school a few years down the road..a friend and I who both promoted groups and clubs at the time..told this story..
So how did you two meet we were asked by MTv. We looked at each other and laughed. “We went after the same girl!”

Back to that first summer in College. There were several parties going on. At one of them.. was this rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally fine girl. She said hi, said her name was becca and gave me her number.

I talked to her on her on the phone and she told me to come over. Well the first thing that should have told me something was wrong..that when I showed up at her apartment..where her and maybe 1 other roommate live, there was 3 other guys I knew there waiting for her also!

I thought..what the hell. But “ANT” and I jumped in his Toyota supra and meet them all a t the club. We danced and talked..next then we know..came in a bunch of guys ready to fight.. all the other guys ran off screaming like little girls. Ant, was the only guy ready to fight..We were swinging and running since we were out numbered. We hoped in the supra and heard a loud boom..

It was Jay, and the 3 other guys jumping on top of the car trying to get in..they all crammed in the back and we sped off.

I later asked Ant..thanks for driving me man..what made you want to stay anyway? He laughed and said..hell man.. My dad is white and my mom is Filipino. He always says..once they go brown they always go done. I figured we go out..and with my thing in my hand..it would be all over man..and they would leave with us..

Oh snap..oh crap..you wish you could take it back..we hit the floor laughing. funny thing is .. I never even really kissed that girl. I saw here years later and heard she had something..gee imagine that..

But I guess MTv did not like the story..they did not select us to be watched on spring break..guess they figured we would get arrested or something.. what me.. I’m a lover not a fighter wink

Thank God I did not touch that one.. guess everything occurs for a reason..lol no matter what the season..this is J have a good one today..

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