Dick Pants?  

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8/17/2006 1:37 am

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Dick Pants?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a question for you this hung day

(hump day Wed..also let me clarify that hung..means hanging no matter what the size..I don't mean hung like your packing 8 or more or something..just the fact that certain things the opposite sex does makes us hung..know what I mean?)

Ladies..have you ever seen a guy wear shorts or pants that you can pretty much see his stuff in? Do you know what I am talking about? Fellas have you ever looked in a mirror and realized that pants or shorts you are wearing pretty much show your dick like you were a chick in a wet t-shirt contest? LOL

I am reminded of this today for 1 reason and have 3 quick stories.

1) My dad had some cool shorts(thin khaki) that he decided to give me since he bought them and they shrank (To cool for the him anyway..lol) So I put them on today.. and I in the gym for a sec and look in the mirror and dude..you could rrrrrrrrreally see my dick in those shorts. Not sure if it was the boxers or what but ssssshessh..lol

2) After college I went back to school to help a friend move. He gave me shorts from the football team. I put them and thought nothing of it.. Later on I was in the gym and had all these people staring at my stuff..no wonder man..because you could see it all! .lol

3) Dang gifts and hand me downs I tell you. Okay so I have in the past gotten some dress pants (thin, claiborne, perry ellis, whatever) to wear for work, etc. Well a few years back.. I walking one day and this lady and man at work look at me funny and say.. "you’re the man" I thought what they hell are they talking about. I looked in the bathroom mirror...name..flipping dick pants..lol Again..my crap was there..showing.. I might as well had on dawm Wet white boxers or a whet t-shirt over my cock or something..no wonder that girl from Hawaii was always smiling at me..wink

Do you have any similar experiences out their ladies and gents?

Lol..if you want to see a pic(s) of what I am talking about on me.. shoot me a e-mail or wink at me..lol

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