A chat..a chance at bat, a call, that leads to a fall..a lick, flick leads to a fling then bada bing  

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8/3/2006 1:40 am

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A chat..a chance at bat, a call, that leads to a fall..a lick, flick leads to a fling then bada bing

HHHHHHello out there.. What's up? Que Pasa? Excuse the really bad pic of me on here..

We can all do crazy things on the rebound. Here are two recent guys used on the rebound..perhaps around your town?

The rebound man of the day for this past Sunday..

Today someone I got to befriend a few years ago for time. Q-tip. After Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise Got divorced in 2001, 2 years later. The ex lead rapper of the group A tribe called quest was with Nicole for some time. Q-tip (John Davis) who know also changed his name to Kamaal Fareed. I ran into Q-tip or Jonathan/ Kamaal several times in D.C. and in Florida between 1994 and 1998. I was actually one of the first people to know his group was breaking up. Although we have not spoken in years…on thing is for sure..being single is not easy for anyone. No matter what you occupation. So when your having the dating blues…don’t beat yourself up. Your not alone out there. And Q…thanks for letting us promote some shows for you a long time ago and letting my fellas back then open for you and black eye peas when you came to our college. Thanks for the advice back then. And for being apart of my 15 mins..

Check out some of his stuff below..




The rebound man for this Monday had a quick fling on his ranch with a R&B/ Pop singer that did not last to long. She says she did not like the ranch. Maybe she did not like his "big deck" (Blue collar tv)

I don't know she was on his deck for awhile, but I guess the smile, grin, the spin was not enough to have her stay longer.

But hey you are a free spirit anyway...isn’t that right Matthew McConaughey. I guess perhaps she thought you were from two different planets..but hey Janet (Jackson)..don't some jerks out there say the same about you? But hey to each is own..even the famous need some sexual stimulation. Different strokes for different folks..but just make sure you stroke it right..and make it last late into the night = )

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