super hot attention, sexual atraction and from a super girl  

sweetlovethe9 42M
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8/13/2006 5:16 am
super hot attention, sexual atraction and from a super girl

What’s up to Everyone out there in Germany and the rest of the Europe. I miss be over there. = ) Thanks for keeping an eye on my blog..

Have you ever met someone and there is instant chemistry.. But one of you decides to tease the other a little or play hard to get? My name is J by the way or you can call me Jr or Junior. People talk about “Around the world romps” well this is sort of that..but I’ll clear it up.

Guys, (or girls) have you ever dated or been with a person that just everywhere you went people around you were like What the F!?!. Who is she or he and where did they come from. Dawm, they mean to tell me he or she came all the way from (Where ever) to hang out with you??

Well that was the story. It was a Friday morning/ Thursday night. I was in Germany at the time around Frankfurt and other areas. Well I got invited to go out with a bunch of people I barley knew. Since I had no planes, I though what the heck. I was upset because I was missing out on playing in championship game. (even longer story) At the same time I did not want to leave the relative I was staying with along either..yet she told me to I went out.

So here is another question..has anyone ever seen “Supergirl before? I guess she is supposed to be Superman’s cousin or something. Well, I walk up to a van to get in..there opens the door and there was a pair of eyes..stairing me down. If anything looking like supergirl. Needless to say we talked all the way to the club down town.

Well there was about 10 of us. I had been single for awhile, she was also as well. I guess she had dated a guy long distance for a time and it did not work out..they guy had issues, etc. So we talked…I kept asking her to dance..and she would tease me and act stupid. Then finally we did. No realize this was New Year’s we had to kiss..uh right?

So we sat there..danced there..talked there..and held hands there..but..She would not kiss me! Ah..those lips looked so good..but no. She kept playing with me..but finally around midnight..Bam…it was lights out man.. The two of us made a nice little we kissed and twirled….(Stay tuned)..

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