lips, eyes and thighs..  

sweetlovethe9 42M
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8/6/2006 4:46 am
lips, eyes and thighs..

Body part of the Day for Friday 8/5

Lips, eyes of thighs. As zzz top once said.. She got llllllleggs. When it comes to the face any focus on the lips or eyes. At the same time many focus on the thighs when it comes to the lower areas of the body. Why..gee I wonder. The lips and mouth, most people some how end up eventually looking at sexually. When it comes to thighs, men and women both wonder how it is in between them. (ladies..don’t even lie, you know you all are can be worse than guys!) With the eyes.. from a gaze..or from being so drained from sex you look at each other with a haze.. many people love eyes. My eyes are different shades depending on how you make me feel..the lighter they go..usually only brown..what to see if you can make them green? can see them if you are a gold member or we contact each other by e-mail. As far as my is posted right here..

So the body part of the day..what do you say? You can also say what you like about any part. Or you can post a pic of yours..

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