Uh..what the hell were you thinking?  

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8/10/2006 2:01 am

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Uh..what the hell were you thinking?

Okay…the “what the hell were you thinking” moment of the day….

Oh snap, oh Crap..you wish..you wish you could take it back.

I have gotten better about my mouth over the years..but man oh man.. I can still shoot something’s out now and again. However..this story is not about me..

The other day I was leaving work and was walking with 4 people. I’m straight..the blonde that was practically burning her eyes in the back of my head I am assuming was as well. I was walking out of the building talking to lets call her “e” who is really hot brunette that is bi sexual..and “Al that is gay.

So we are all walking to our cars..talking.. and the lady behind me I guess was maybe turning her face up. I kept looking back at her.. “E” bust out with dawn man..is she hot..do you want to skull fuck her something? I fell out laughing..uh..no.. she just seems stank I said. Then “AL” replies.. I’ve skull fucked before.. I like skull fucking…Hell I’d skull fuck my boss he is cute..I slap my self on the forward and say..Oh lordly..
Want to guess who else was closely behind us.. his boss the ex-cop.

Oh snap..oh crap..

Have you ever shot off your mouth then afterwards thought..dawm.. I should not have said that? Tell me about it..

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