Saturday sexing..Sabato che sexing...Samedi sexing. S  

sweetlovethe9 42M
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8/13/2006 4:57 am
Saturday sexing..Sabato che sexing...Samedi sexing. S

No matter what language you speak..the weekend is often time for sexing. So of course saturday is sexin saturday..

Today is a prelude to next week while I am walking around San Antonio this weekend.

Okay..question of the day…What sex positions/angles are the best. We all know that math and geometry could suck at times when we were in school..but if you play pool or for that matter play in a pool..use you pool tool or are playing with and have a pool stick..then you know that many times the right angle, position can make sex all or nothing..Hence geometry is good for

I won't bother posting a poll since no one seems to like answering them on here..if you want to comment...go for it.. LEt me (us) all know what you think..and thanks for letting me be one of the most watch blogs..that's crazy.

Tantra positions

Karma sutra positions

Doggy style (g-spot and other)


Woman on top facing fwd (my advice reach back and grab his ankles and you should hit your g-spot lol)

Woman on top (facing backwards) should also hit your gee spot one your are in the right spot..

Standing up..

Man on top…(different angles)

Man on top (cat, or other modified..that stimulates clit as he thrust)

Don't worry we will "hit" all of these this cuming week.

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