Oral fixation or Sensation..for Freakin Friday..  

sweetlovethe9 42M
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8/8/2006 1:43 am
Oral fixation or Sensation..for Freakin Friday..

Ceiling to the floor..

As I knock on your door..I see your smile. We have talked for awhile.

As I walk in the door..I look up to the ceiling. and look down to floor. I think about you and see you like never before. Ah that girlie smile that I have not seen for awhile. That special smile that makes anyone want to hang out for awhile.. Do want to try something..that we both have not tried before? You looked at me and said, “Sure..so what do you have in store.” Let go find another door. Uh..okay you say..and as we talk, kiss and walk away.

Can I please you ..with out you pleasing me? You look at me like I am crazy..or as if I’m acting shady. But I then kiss you and pull back your long hair. I pick you up and lift you in the air. As you put your legs around my waist. I carry you off to that place. Okay funny man what do you have in store…”I smile back and say..uh..can pants and your panties hit the floor? As we stand behind a door.. I lift you up on my shoulders as you back is against the wall. You put your hands up on the top of the door…and put your toes against it. As I start to lick you consistent. As you I have you pick up in the air..and squeeze your dar e air..as you ride my face up against the wall..and are having a ball..As you grab the top of the door harder..as you reach multiple orgasims..as I lick it slow..then faster…softer ..then harder…as I feeling your thighs…and your watching my eyes.. as you legs around me tight….we know we are in for great sex night… as you start to cum…I can’t believe this…you say…let’s do it all night and all day..

I put you on the floor..for I still want to taste you more. I grab some pillows and a cover so we are comfortable for more. I put your legs around my neck…and start to peck..every erogenous zone..cause I don’t want any body part to fell alone. ..as I lick up and done each long leg to your inner thigh…As I lick and play with your clit..and start to finger it so you have a another climax hard and quick. As you cum from stimulation from the inside and from with out.. we are indeed in for an awesome sex bought.

Can we do one more thing? I ask....before get to do whatever to me? Sure. You say….what do you want? Who me. I say.. uh.. can I turn you in a sundae? You look at me and smile.. “What?.. I say ..You don’t want to be my whip cream dream?

From the ceiling to the floor…to a whip cream special. what else can you and I have in store Who knows once we start to explore....?

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