It's's more fun..just be because it shot off too soon!  

sweetlovethe9 42M
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8/10/2006 3:56 am
It's's more fun..just be because it shot off too soon!

This is the Crazy story for this toy Thursday...

But first the question and tip of the day

The question is this..have you ever ended anything with someone because they shot off to soon. I mean cuming to quick or just a problem shooting of their lips? (They look good only with their mouth mouth overloads their butt)

The tip of the day. Well more like tips.

a) Guys..stay the hell away from pepper. For some it can sit on prostate. So what you say.. Well..that pepper sitting there although you can't feel it is like a girl walking around with something against her clit. Don't believe me. Dump a crap load pepper on all you eat for a day..and see what occurs when you get sexual..$10 bucks says you will be do quicker than usual! Hey why do you think all those people in other cultures created all those "positions" and techniques. They don't dump pepper all over their

b) If been a better her go down on you before you get any penetration that or talk to the hand before you meet the girl..this leads me to the last tip of the day.

c) Ladies and Gents alike...some people it takes a good 2 or 4 goes at it before they can go for hours unless they are older. To each his own. So don't be the type to pass out after one or two times..what's wrong you man!?!?!! Knock on the door for round four..and keep that freaky ness alive for round five! Look alive people..

The story of the day is a short one..The girl I mentioned in my blog ("E") that works in my building. Well I have heard a lot of people talk trash about her and call her anything and everything out of the book. (oh she use to be a dude, blah blah)..YEah she is bi..but never has been a guy..long story..

Anyway..the other day.. I saw her..said was your weekend..what did you are know small talk.. Her response.. "you are so nosey!!?". I thought..uh.okay..People talk crap about you all the time.. I stick up for you day after day.. I say hey..and you flip out that way.. maybe something was going on..but whatever man.. sister I'm Gone..

Oh snap..oh wish you could take it back. That was a few months ago.. have not seen or spoken to her since.. People..don't bit the hand of those who have you back..and defend you when everyone else is two faced..Shooting too soon (From the mouth or sexually) can be a bad thing..normally I give people the benefit of the doubt..but with that mess, I was about to shout.. Any similar experiences out there?

I’m out of here..check out my intro..may one day it can tickle your rear. (remember I am straight..and I am not down with a non-female date...but to each his or her own.. because have friends work and eat with that are guy. Different strokes for different folks..what can I say. Just stroke it right and make it last from night to day = ) )

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