Hung..Wed..What the hell is Grand?  

sweetlovethe9 42M
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8/30/2006 9:37 pm
Hung..Wed..What the hell is Grand?

Wed is Hung day around here.

So what on earth is Hung? or for that matter what is large or even Grand?

Different strokes for different folks I always say.

Hmm..I personally have a really rare personality. So I know often don't see things in ways the average or even most people see things.

Hell most people that have my personality or a similar one go through some rough things. Ab Lincoln..shot. Martin Luther King.. Shot.. (hmm is there a pattern King david of Israel..chased around and almost killed by some jealous guy that misunderstood him for how many years?

So you get the picture..hence the reason why I often ask a bunch of questions..

so here goes! Seriously, people often want things to be Nice/big, hung or large. Lips, or maybe hips (butts more like it, a bubble) or dicks or tits.

So just for giggles and shits..what do you consider to be grand or the right size for all the above?

What really trips me out.. Something like the Grand Cannon is large. I am ones lips, hips, dick or tits are that hung or by all means get over yourself..

Besides on day all those things will be hanging down so low...yeap that's the deal...just hope my crap isn't getting caught in my wheel chair

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