Fight Terrorism..The day it all began.. 9/11  

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8/19/2006 6:25 am
Fight Terrorism..The day it all began.. 9/11

This blog will be a little bit different from most of the others I have written. With the recent plan spoiled in the U.K. and it almost being 5 years since all of things first really occurred in seems that suddenly people are talking about that day in different ways now and more and more with Big screen movies and small screen (TV) movies coming out on that day.

So before I start here are the players.

"old Guy" a relative who ends up helping the country in a way most will never know.

"Pal" his friend who well..if was not around the country would not be around

"S-man" Me..

"M & E" The kids and my friends who’s old man took down an important person.

"S" or super girl..check out the other two blogs.


"SIS" my sister


Mom..uh duh!?!?!

"brass"....military general/heads of each branch.

So are you ready? Get some popcorn, some tissues..whatever you need. Many times we are torn what path to walk..for me..the lover, the warrior, the intellectual, the artist, etc..
Check out my up coming stories Life, (from birth on) College years (Year 1), and the Post years..all having more drama, crap, and things occurring than you shake a stick...stuff that would probably make the average person loose it.. goes..

Sept 11, Northern VA, a hop skip and a jump away from the pentagon.

I had just barley gotten to work when the new came over the radio about the first tower having been hit. Of course for awhile no one knew what was going on. I remember the TV’s being on in the break room and several radios through out the office. I had already been on my cell phone in the car talking to my sis(ter) for a min and Orlando Girl who was staying with while we helped sis get back on her feet from a divorce.

Most people were freaking out, all Orlando Girl to me were right..something bad was going to happen..(stay tuned for more on this). Yeah I said..pretty much.. guess my gut was not wrong..and there was a reason why I felt funny lately. I’m scared she will be fine..Talk to you soon.

Back to the office. Then the second tower was hit. While this was going on D-man was on the phone with his dad working in the pentagon. We were sitting by each other talking. D had just started working there recently. We both use to play football..but I was more of RB or Tailback than a tall receiver like him. Why mention this..

Suddenly he was on the phone with this Dad on the their phone ..there was a loud BOOMB.. He yelled..Dad…His dad said, I gotta go.

D-mail..who I call that because some think he though he looked like Dean Cain (Lois & Clark…tv show from the 90’s)
Well he ran out of there like superman. I ran after him..but his supped up Acura or Honda (I forget which he changed cars like he changed the girl he was speed off and I could not catch him in my car..I didn’t have any nitro. (The guy speed off like flipping fast and how the hell was I suppose to catch him.

While I outside..I stopped and thought for a min…oh shit…Super girl.. (See the other blogs..she had moved to NY) her apartment looks right at the twin towers..and had to be hit..oh snap..oh crap…if only..I…dawm…

Was this the end of “Supergirl”…stay tuned.

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