Feet or no Feet  

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8/17/2006 2:02 am

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Feet or no Feet

Do you have any similar experiences out their ladies and gents?
The question of the day for this Hung Wed is what do you think of feet. Do you like feet or have a foot fetish?

Some like them rubbed.
Some like them licked or kissed
Some like them sucked
Some like them worshiped (shoes or no shoes)
Some like can get off by them

Feet or no feet. Do they do it for you. With me honestly, when I think of feet.. I usually think of them curling up from a lady having an orgasm..that and shaking and flying around from sex..but can I say all the above for me....?

I've had my rubbed..that's about it. I have done a little more to ladies..

Should I do a poll about feet? What do you think?

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