College Years  

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8/19/2006 8:13 am
College Years

The Places for the Day.. Florida and Australia..

Besides the sexual things on my blog, there is also the “life, college and post college” stories and adventures on here.

This is one of them. I started College during the summer time. That summer was interesting. Quite interesting.

First I got hooked up with this girl with one of the best bodies I had ever seen. Yes we are all part of the human race and I really don’t see color, but for the sake of the mind and imagination I will say she was half Asian half White. Pretty much all we did was have constant tongue fights…lol.

However.. I learned really quick that I was not the only tongue that she was moving around. So needless to say…she didn’t have the time for J. Oh well, hey..she could have some fine with mine..but she was “too busy” with others to give me the time.

So then I use to always flirt with this brunette named Jen. By the end of that summer I knew hundreds of people down there at school.

But then one day walked in the “LEXUS” from Australia. She looked at and said g-day..and uh..well. I answered with my mouth..but something else answered here as

So anyway…we hung out and messed around. Women say that men lie about how many people they have slept with. Well she is one that I don’t count. We tried to get it to go in and could not. Later on we found out that something was wrong down there on here (long story) OF course some say..well you had it half way

So anyway..I was a freshman and she was an RA in an all girls dorm room. This was for girls in their first two years of school. So needless to say..they were a little curious about me sneaking in and out..and the little scream and shout going on when we were together. Yeah we played around and laid around naked a lot..

But you know she had to be on the rebound. She was one of the first people I heard the “I don’t know.. I’m confused” line from. This usually means there is someone else!

Lol Anyway..yeah she made me thunder down under alright..and we use to make out all night. Nothing like the early morning walk of shame…but in the back of your mine know that she was once hot and horny..but now tired and tame..

You aussies are hot ladies…I like them.. I like them a lot.. =)

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