I look at you and I touch myself  

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1/10/2006 6:41 pm

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I look at you and I touch myself

I was asked to share a fantasy... Here it goes.

I pull up the long driveway. My stomach is in a tight knot. Every mile i got closer to my destination tonight, my stomach got tighter. The house is inviting. Not menacing in any way. There are even cute carved jack-o-lanterns lit up on the porch. Although this put me at ease slightly, my first instinct is to throw the car in reverse and run back home to where i'm safe.

I have to get over this i mumble to myself. I mean come on! what maniac takes the time to carve pumpkins??

I open the door and step out into the crisp night. I was given specific instructions. Go around back, enter through the basement,go to the door on the left. They will be waiting.

I open the door, and see several candles. The house is nice,and it smells floral and feminine.

I see a video camera sitting on the table beside the door. There is a note telling me to pick,it up and join them. They are waiting.

I turn on the camera, turn it toward myself and blow it a kiss before i enter the room.

The room is well lit. I see her. laying there. looking at me. She smiles and asks how my drive was. I know i should answer. I can only nod my head. She stands and comes to me. She gives me a light kiss and tells me to relax. Her husband is in the corner watching us with a smile. I start to relax. They are beautiful. I tell her I am ready.

She walks to her husband and starts to kiss him. Nibbling his lower lip. Sliding her tongue inside. I get closer to them with the camera. I want every detail of that sexy tongue flicking in and out of her mouth.

As he kisses her back he grabs her breast and starts to tease a nipple through her thin lacy top. I can see it pucker and harden and see her arch into his touch. I want to capture it all for them. I want my nipple touched just like that. I reach up and tease my nipple too.

As they continue to slowly drive each other crazy, they start to fully undress. I find it hard to remember I am filming. I feel my breath quicken and my pussy go wet. They are so sexy. She is curvy in all the right areas, her rosy nipples look delicious and he has an ass i could and do want to play with.

I let my fingers continue to work my nipples. I want them on my clit so badly. I can see myself with them. Having fun with them. I want it i want them to touch me as i would touch them. I need to control myself because that is not why i am here.

As their passion escalates, mine does too. I know at this point i am panting. This video is going to be awesome.

She turns to me and asks me to undress some. I strip down to my bra and panties. She asks me to touch myself for them. I eagerly slide my hand down the front of my panties and begin to touch myself just right. She takes the camera from me and starts to film me. He says they want the entire experience not just a ghost behind a lens.

She sets up a tripod, and faces it toward the bed. i sit in a chair beside the bed as they lay there and start to make love. I am so excited. I am going to come. The video will show me watching them as i masturbate. I take the rest of my clothes off and sit there completely naked. I can tell they enjoy this, as they start to get wilder with each other. I ask him to fuck her harder and he complies. The louder she gets the hotter i become. I tell her to let me know when she is going to come because i want to come with her. She agrees.

As she gets closer, i bring myself closer with her. When she starts to come i let myself go. With both of us expressing our pleasure, moaning, and panting, he gets closer himself. With his final few strokes he empties himself inside her. They lay there spent and obviously totally pleased. I stand and gather my clothes, turn off the camera, and slide out the door. I get dressed in the other room and leave quietly. As I drive home all I can think is that i cant wait to do it again. And i hope one day i can see that video.

cincicreampie 47M

1/12/2006 4:40 am

A fellow voyeur!!!

Very hot hun...very hot.

mrsanders2 49M

1/12/2006 8:50 pm

"And i hope one day i can see that video"

Me too...

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