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2:30 a.m. this morning I hear creaking across the wood floors of my diningroom. Moments later I hear the swoosh of my front door opening against the floor of my porch. Someone broke in my friggin house last night!

They must have been scoping out the place for a while. The object of their affections? My purse sitting on a trunk by the front door. The lights had been blazing all night, right above the purse... and stupid me I left the blinds halfway up. Anyone walking by probably had a great view of my purse sitting right there.

Since most of the windows had the blinds up, they had a perfect opportunity to walk around the perimeter and plan their course of action. They were able to come through the back door in my kitchen, through the diningroom, into the livingroom where my purse was, and then out the three doors to the front sidewalk. The lock on my back door doesn't always latch correctly. I had walked through maybe a half hour before they got in the house and shut off all the lights, neglecting to check that back door. Damn me straight to hell.

What really irritates me is that I didn't use my common sense. I left the office and was heading for bed. I stopped in the bedroom, then headed out through the diningroom to shut off the kitchen lights. When I walked out of the bedroom, I thought I saw someone walking down the driveway... but when I backed up, I didn't see anything and assumed it was just my reflection. I shut off the lights in the kitchen and, before entering the still-lit dining room, I removed my clothes. I don't know why, as I usually wait until I am in the bedroom. I shut the light off and walked into my lit bedroom... in only my undies... stood in front of my mirror and put on some deoderant. All the while, someone was lurking in my driveway with a clear view. Ugh.

At first I couldn't figure out why they had broken in. From what I could tell, none of my things were missing. I had my wallet, both sets of car keys, my money was still on the shelf where I had left it. I didn't even notice my purse was missing until my mother asked about it this morning. DUH. I called the cops and reported it this morning... didn't last night because nothing was missing, no one was hurt or missing... I didn't know what the point was. But, all of a sudden I am out a purse which had my registration, car insurance info and various papers from my new job with my social security number on them. Grr. That shit pisses me off.

Well, you want to know the kicker? I looked out the window this morning after the cops left and noticed a homeless man rifling through the trashcans. Today is trash day and recycling, and we always have people going by with shopping carts looking for recycling. There was no purse in the cart, but after a moment or two I saw him toss my purse from my own trash can into his cart. I can't believe the BALLS of the asshole who broke in here... after leaving the house, he came back down the driveway and stood right by the window again and went through my purse. I had got up out of bed right away and went to check the house... finding the front doors left wide open. I woke my boyfriend and we were out to the front of the house within minutes. I imagine we just missed the guy. He probably escaped as we rushed back to check on our twin 3 year olds fast asleep in their beds. Only feet from where this asshole entered the house. I could have thrown up.

I'm glad to have my purse back and all my belongings, but it sure messed with my head to have someone walk right through my house in the middle of the night, right past my bedroom. The possible scenarios that could have happened are just too much to think about. Needless to say, my boyfriend stayed awake the rest of the night and went to work at 7am with about an hour of sleep and I banked just about 1 - 1.5 hours before my kids woke up. Ugh.

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