Do u want my man?  

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3/12/2006 5:43 pm

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3/21/2006 10:46 pm

Do u want my man?

I am trying to find a B-Day present for my man but it is a little past his B-day now. Maybe an early one for next year.
In case you couldn't or didn't bother to read our profile then let me clear something up here. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR ANYTHING FOR MYSELF but for my MAN. I posted my picture to try to get more responses. I am not looking for another couple just another woman to fuck my man while be watched or recorded. He will not know that he is being watched/recorded so it will have to be our secret.
If I am watching and get really turned on I might suddenly come home and join in but most likely not. I never been with another woman before. It does peek my interests a little though. That's why I posted a picture of myself too.
If you bother to read our profile you would of notice I said my man has only been with me. He has never been with another woman before(as far as I know) so I want him to get more experience with different woman. I don't want him to stray without my knowledge so that's why I am trying this site. If I can find a woman for him and possibly me too for discreet fun then I am up for it and I am pretty sure if we plan it just right MY MAN with be UP for it too.

SO what do you think of him? Hot isn't he?

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