I have a quesiton. Can someone answer?  

sweetandsingle4 33F
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5/11/2006 12:33 am

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7/6/2006 1:45 am

I have a quesiton. Can someone answer?

Ok this might be stupid to some but anyway.

How do you know when a man is truly interested in you? and what kinds of signs should I be watching out for to know that he is interested?

freetime648 53F

5/11/2006 1:03 am

Just the fact that he is speaking to you is number one...after that it is in your gut...you will know...I cannot say there are any specific tell-tale signs with the exception of maybe a look or a touch...but trust me ......you will know when it is there... Have fun figuring it out......

xx FREETIME648 xx

TickleMeBBW 37F

5/11/2006 1:08 am

I'm not gonna be much help here as I usually don't give the guys I like time to decide whether he's interested or not, I usually just jump his bones.

Kisses and licks, Tickles

edm689 48F
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5/26/2006 7:27 pm

he smile's at you all the time when he see you. and pays attention to you.

sweetandsingle4 33F

5/27/2006 2:20 am

well thank you very much edm689....can u say from experience that your advice worked for you? I appreciate you getting back to me.

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