sweet_straberri 32F
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6/17/2006 9:47 pm

okay i have a story to tell....


i was like really bored, so i called my best friend.... she ended up coming over. My friend had just got back from 2 months in England... She even had this cute little accent! lol... anyways..... she was talking about the wonderful time she had their, when, somehow we got in the conversation about guys. i guess i asked her if their were any cute guyz r somehting...w/e. She like put her hand on my leg and was like, no their actually wasnt any cute guys, but a lot of hot girls! when suddenly she just started kissing me! and i kinda got worried and i guess she could tell cause she was like" its okay" and we kept kissing and her hands kept going places and suddenly i just got into it........I....I was really nervouse, but we ended up going all the way! and when it was over it actually felt like it ment something...she made it so soft and joyful, no guy could ever do i guess thats how i turned lesbian! lol

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