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The only sound... the silo is the ladies gasping to catch our breath. I look at P and see her juices still glistening on his chin. I look up at her and smile to thank her for the orgasim. She sits up straight on her throne and stares back at me, a look of shock on her face.
"Gentlemen, I don't think she learned her lesson. Look at her sitting there looking at me. I think we are going to have to go to the next step."
The men agree and as they turn towards me, she grabs the back of P's loin cloth and tells him to let her man take care of it. She stands and kisses him, licking her juice from his strong, smooth chin. Thier kiss grows deeper and all the while he is kissing her, his eyes are locked on mine. I can almost feel the warmth of his mouth and I envy her.
As MM approaches me, he moves behind the chair I am strapped to and leans down behind me to whisper in my ear.
"She really does dislike disobediance and she means to teach your man how to control you, punish you, please each other and teach you some manners. Try to behave yourself, wench."
I absorb his words and begin to heat up all over again.
"I sure love this chair," he continues, "it does so many different things. You can do things like this..." Suddenly the back part of the seat is exposed and my buns suddenly are bare to the air.
"And this..." The front part of the seat is removed and now the only thing keeping me from falling into the hole of the seat is the dildo and slat of wood it sits on.
"Now this part really opens you up for our viewing pleasure..." He moves to the front of the chair, releases a latch and the legs of the chair my ankles are attached to spread out and lift up ever so slightly, forcing the dildo a bit further inside me. I look away from him and towards the others to see his hand on her latex covered breast as they continue tongue dancing.
"Now let's not forget this little feature..." Again he slides to the back of the chair and I feel the chair back recline. I feel as if I were strapped to a lounge chair on a sunny beach as the candles glowed and danced around us and the warmth of all the tiny fires took the chill from the air.
The dildo fills me and leaves a dull ache as I wish for her to hit the 'go' button on the remote.
My arms are unstrapped and gently pulled behind me. I feel a loop of thin leather slipped over one wrist and then the other, effectivly stopping me from lifting my arms but in no way painful. As a final touch, my long hiar is pulled from behind me and fanned over my left breast.
"She is ready," he said as he walked in front of me to exam his work. As P offers her his hand for support, she steps down from the platform and they join thier partner in crime.
Though I am the object of attention, it is her court and happily holds the mens interest.

"This chair is ingenious, and we tend to argue over who gets to sit in it!" She leans over and kisses her man firmly on the lips as he grabs her firm ass and pulls her into him.
He smiles at P and informs him, "there is an added pleasure when you don't always play the same roll. You know that what ever you do to the one sitting in the chair can always come back at you. One rule we stick by is that unless something is asked for specifically, we don't do anything to the other unless we are willing to have it done to ourselves."
"This way," she adds, "it can teach you what your partner wants, were the limit is without the awkwardness of saying 'do it this way' or 'try it that way'. Respect the safety word, or action, and a whole new world opens up."
"If she trusts me enough to allow me to restrain her then it is only fair that I trust she will treat me with the same respect."
As they kiss again, P moves to me, leans down and kisses me. This is a new kiss, one hungry with excitement and care. It is a kiss that tells me I can trust him without doubt.
"Enough of that," she giggles, "there's a lesson going on here."
She reaches for an object on a table just far enough behind me that I can not see what she has, but I hear it scrape as she lifts it. She moves before me and uses a flogger as a pointer.
"With her legs lifted ever so slightly," she says as she traces a path from ankle to high thigh, "it opens her lips far enough to see her swollen clit. Oh, that clamp looks like it might be hurting by now." She reaches down and in one quick motion, removes the clamp from my clit. The sudden flow of blood causes me to scream out. Okay, for ten seconds or so, that REALLY hurt! But as the flow becomes less intense, a warm glow replaces the pain and I bite my lip, hoping they don't see me smile.
"The nice part is it angles her ass just enough that you can see all three important points of interest." She steps close to me and kneels down onto one knee. "By undoing this strap here, you can remove the dildo..." which she does "and replace it with something else." She stands and glides back to the the table. "Something like...ummm...This!"
I am unable to see what she holds up but, judging by the look of the men, I was sure it would be interesting.
"Here kind sir, you may want to put this on her. We wouldn't want her to be scared by the looks of it." She tosses P a blindfold and he puts it on me with a kiss, taking care to put the strap under my hair so it will still flow freely. I feel him tickle my clevage with my hair, an occasional lock brushes across my hard nipples and sends a tiny volt of lightning to my clit.
Without the dildo inside me, I feel empty. I soon forget about it as I feel a cold gel rubbed around my tight back door. I catch my breath and let it out slowly, trusting that P knows the size and thickness of what is beyond my limit there and will not let anything enter that would be more than I'd enjoy.
I moaned as I felt a tongue begin to taste my wetness and something small, round and hard is gently slid into the back. It is large enough to cause pressure, push against the wall, but not so large as to stretch me beyond my limit. The tongue is replaced by a new dildo.
"Now this strap holds it all in," she says as I feel pressure go from front to back as I assume is what she is talking about.
"Any of the objects can be replaced at any time then?" P asks, his interest obvious. I know ideas are forming in his head and he will soon lock himself away in the shop and begin building his own version.
Thier voices sound muffled as everything inside me jumps to lift and begins to move. The toy in my pussy seems to roll around inside me, at times rubbing against the vibe in my tight hold, sending a wave of pleasure to every nerve ending in my body.
A touch here and a pinch there register but just adds to the cloud of pleasure i am floating on.
They keep me suspended in this haze of want, keeping me away from release but taking it very close to tease.
My blind fold is removed and I am drawn back as I watch her attach a strap on to me. As she climbs atop of my shaft, P moved towards my head and offers me his cock, which I take like a starving woman and swallow him deep. He moans and calls out my name as the motion of my mouth begins to match the motion of her hips as she rides me, sucking her man like I am sucking mine.
The strap-on pulls against the strap keeping the toys inside me and they join in the fun. No one is left out, as we reach a frenzy pace...all of us, racing for release.
I fight my orgasim until I hear...and feel...her shudder. He man cries out as his warm jisim slides from the corner of her mouth. P and I reach our goal at the same time and as we cum, we call out each other's name when he pulls his cock from my throat and begins to spurt into his hand.
She falls on top of me, spent, our breathing mixing as she gently kisses me.

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