Can't guys read!!!!!  

suziegurl 36F
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12/20/2005 4:01 pm

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1/28/2015 5:01 am

Can't guys read!!!!!

I cant believe the amount of messages i get from guys i have stated in my profile that i am a lesbian and looking for women but i still get so many messages from men and its getting very anoying.

Guys read my profile and please rspect it and me thanks


im_your_man77 40M
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12/20/2005 4:29 pm

No, we can't. Wait I think I just proved I can, damn. Seriously thou some guys see a picture and become illiterate, it's a condition caled cave man syndrom. Ok so I might have made that up.

toohornynow 34M
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12/26/2005 6:44 pm

I think it's more like "tunnel vision," look at the eyes, breast, pussy, and a guy is happy.
dosen't matter to most guys about the small print, take reading the instruction manual as a great example... never read that!!

suziegurl 36F

1/2/2006 2:27 am

thanks very much for your comment Tala4u2 you have a great 2006 as well and hope all your wishes come true for te comming year

dreamgirl305 42F
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3/30/2006 7:01 am a married bi-curious lady, and i know for a fact that i would of carried on kissing you!!! but then again, wouldnt want to mess with feeligs and emotions....but you are stunning, and besides, i live in the i doubt it would of muah

rm_HolyMoly1980 37M
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2/10/2007 11:54 am

I think annoying is an ineffective way to look at it. Many women do as such. The human mind will perceive beauty in no matter what form. And if a man wishes to send you a message because he is stunned by the expert care that God took in His creation of you, well then, I'd hardly consider that annoying. Let us poor, hopeless men have our gander, you are quite an exquisite piece of artwork on this canvas of life. A simple thank you and a smile will do. And a chuckle at my dramatisism will make my day. Peace!

rm_manpash2 63M
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9/4/2008 11:11 pm

Yep,guys can read and most would be sorry to think as well as its hard enough to have the women that are available the ones that are not interested in men make the odds bad and if they look like you men despair and wish that they had that chance anyway. CHEERS--GREAT LUCK!

HotRedPussy123X 59F
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12/6/2008 4:49 pm

Susan, why don't you to set up auto response email on AdultFriendFinder to let the men know that you are not
interested in men. Because most standard members could
not view your profiles. Hope it will help.


suziegurl 36F

12/12/2008 6:28 am

Thanks for your responses. Im not to upset by guys saying hi its all the guys who think they can cure me with a good fuk or meeting the right guy or the latest one who offered me money to sleep with him.He was very persistent and i had to block him to stop his advances. So I am not over reacting alot of guys are very rude and hurtful. I will definitely have to check how to set an automatic email response up for sure. thanks again mwahhhh susan

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