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5/11/2006 6:22 am

I should be at work but I am feeling so horny I've got to get this off my chest. Last night I had great sex with my wife. I made her cum by licking her pussy then we fucked till I came. Whilst in bed we talked about fantsies and it got me thinking. I imagine us going out to the pub for a quiet drink. She is wearing this lovely skirt she has just bought which has a split right up the front. So we are sitting down in a quiet bit of the pub garden and I lay my hand on her thigh letting my fingers work their way under the fold in the skirt to her bare leg. She stiffens a moment and then after seeing there is no one around lets me carry on. By now I have a hard on in my trousers and taking her hand gently rests on my lap. My fingers are working their way up her thigh and she parts her legs . To my surprise she is wearing no knickers and my fingers find their way to her clit and gently start to tease it. Her hand is starting to rub my cock furiously through my trousers and I gently insert a finger into her pussy and feel how wet she is. She moans a little as I start to play with her clit, rubbing it and teasing it. I need to taste her and take out my hand and lick my fingers. She wants a taste to and shoves my hand back down so that my fingers can insert fully into her. Taking my hand out again she greedily licks her juices off my fingers. Thats enough for me and we finish our drinks and drive off to a quiet spot in the woods where I rip off her skirt as she lays on the bonnet of the car. Now its my turn to be greedy as I lick her pussy, sucking the clit whilst inserting my finger deep into her and then lazily circling her arse. I feel the tension build in her and then with a great sigh she cums all over my face as I drink from her pussy. I need to come now and I release my 8 inches from and thrust deeply into her. As we fuck she tells not to cum in her and when I am close I pull out and she drags my cock to her mouth and wanks me off until I can hold it no longer and spray her face with lashings of sticky white cum. And all the while we have been there a young couple have been watching us from the woods and they are now fucking each other with gusto while we watch. And then......
Well no I am ready for a good fucking now. Any takers? take care all. M.

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