Blog 2, the sequal  

sussexman2005 51M
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4/20/2006 7:08 am
Blog 2, the sequal

Ok so my first blog wasn't much cop really was it. I guess I didn't put enough thought into it, so here goes with the sequal. Well its Thursday afternoon and its raining and things are a bit slow at work so I popped in for five minutes to write something amazing but then it all ran out of my head as things do occasionaly after staring open mouthed at some of the beautiful woman one can come across on AdultFriendFinder. Thank you to Goddess of the Dawn for you welcome to the world of blogging and to all others who viewed. As I travel through life I realise more and more that people are not really very nice to each other and that it can be difficult to find people you like let alone people who like you. Is it any surprise that we have wars when there are so many people on the planet. Equally it is just as difficult finding people you want to have sex with. Ok well it is for me all right! I've never asked much in life and beleive it is better to be content than outright happy and that it is often better to keep your head down, work hard and take what life has to offer with good grace and dignity. I am content with most of my life and that should be enough but there is a tiny part of me that screams out give me more sex, more pussy, more ass, more cum. Animal desires I cal it but not in a bestial way oh no! Its as likely down to hormones than anything but who can deny them when I feel this randy all the time. My wife bless her is still good to me in bed and last weekend was a real shagfest if i may use the term but here I am today and feeling very randy still. What is a guy to do? Happy hunting to you all out there. M.

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