Conquering FEAR!  

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6/9/2006 8:56 am

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6/13/2006 7:29 pm

Conquering FEAR!

I have fear of almost everything in da WATER....

fear of being engulfed by ferocious waves
fear of drowing, with water choking down on my throat
fear of panicking when swimming with some flimsy creatures
fear of dying in da water...

and I conquered all those- fear.

I swam, paddled and rode my first wave....sounds easy? yes, it does..but doing so, taking the action, was a big deal.

when asked to go on for a surfing lesson,I nodded a big YES! so we got on the boat, to where the reef was, which was 2 km away from the shore. when asked to get off d boat and swim a bit out on my comfort zone, which was 30ft deep (previous posting was 8-9ft, but my friend told me it wasnt) so I have this blog changed now. Anyway, I firmly refused and shook head thousand times, but coaxed on getting off, which i did, and swam anyway, I made it. When asked to paddle on the surf board, I again shook head thousand times and firmly refused and rebuked my friend to go away, but coaxed on paddling the board, which I did, and paddled so, I made it away from the boat and off to where the waves were which was 150 meters away (now talking about figures ) When asked to hold the board firmly, and instructed to slid my body a little bit down, just enuff for the board's nose to come up a little bit off the water a notch higher, I listened, calmed myself down, tried to relaxed (as per requested by my friend), so, as the 3ft wave was on my back, i was pushed on my own, sliding down,push hard to the shallow part of the reef...without leg rope, hanging dearly for my life, with my sense left in the mainlaind...not to mention, talking to myself when no one can hear anyway, was on my own...i had my first rush of adreline pumped...and experiencing it then, was my golden moment out in the open water, which i feared for so long, when i shudnt have...and one day, i'll go back there again, surf and conquer Mr.Fear...

Shouts to my friend, u know who u are...u are so fscking great and thanks for being there, teaching me, patience and all, u were great! and I'll miss u!

And I believe in me...and trust u more.

stephenyulo17 48M
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6/11/2006 6:48 am


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