if a centurian I...  

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2/8/2006 12:08 pm

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if a centurian I...

if i could slash,
and pillage and plunder,
and steal,
run rampant with sword and spear,
like the roman soldiers of old,
then you would be my village,
full of hostile visogoths,

i would place my siege weapons
at your walls,
batter them with my vigilance,
and massacre those who attempted,
to block my entrance
into your hallowed grounds

i would lay waste to your land,
burn your humble harvest yield,
let my troops sack you with wild abandon,
capture your children,
violate your fair maidens,
crucify your men,
taunt and torture your holy men,
see your temples and shrines aflame,
razed under my ceaseless will.

i would walk your vacant streets,
and proclaim myself emporer,
while the huddled masses,
cowered at my armoured visage.

but i would rule you with a steady hand,
govern your people
with an even eye and fair-handedness,
so that my subjects would proclaim me,
to be a good and honest man,
full of passion yes,
but at the same time,
a judge with the scales of justice and history,
balancing evenly at his fingertips.

and in that village
i would die an honest death,
so that none would curse me,
but say at the first shovel
of the soil that fills my earthly grave,

...herein lies a man,
born of the flesh like you or i,
but who strode for higher things,
who strove for life, and humanity,
and all that is right,
and good,
and worthy,
on the fertile plains,
of this good land.

if i could slash,
and pillage, and plunder,


wow, ... mood... intense, passionate, full of lust, and fire, and desire, and humanity. but now, finished, liberated and high on all the things that made me write this... euphoric, i can't do more with this poem, this tribute rather, to lilie1977

__Huntress__ 56M/59F

2/10/2006 2:28 am

This is not a mere tribute, my friend, for Lilie you have built a shrine ... it seems as each post unfolds ... your love for her grows deeper, wider ... it knows no bounds, no barriers ... it is a splendid thing to witness ... and continually restores my often lost belief that there is an absolute purity in the way a man can truly love a woman ... you shine so and what a brilliant light she has cast for you ...


supinefeline 52M

2/12/2006 12:45 am

huntress ... i am glad to bask in the warm sunshine of her sexuality, it is a joy and a constant challenge, an everchanging landscape...


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