blood bath  

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1/25/2006 6:19 pm

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blood bath

blood bath

"sink your teeth into my flesh," you ask, and i comply! coupled as we are, me within you, you around me, i feel you tense, wincing, sucking pain from within me and into you.

as you still yourself, drawing level with the fire and then dousing it with self-command, i drive in my teeth a little further! your slow inhale, a bit wobbly, infused with control, whistles past my ear!

how much further before the skin gives way i cannot answer, but i am thrilled with the idea of your warm essence filling my mouth, and running from my chin.

i picture
red-stained teeth,
blood splatter on your breasts,
the survival of the fittest,
the thrill of the hunt,
crushed windpipe
legs succumb,
the death thro,
matted fur.

it excites me and i feel myself grow harder within you. this is no-man's land, out there on the edge, base-jumping!

stepping back from the abyss, this carnal rage, i release you, your flesh intact. but as my bite recedes i feel your skin, clinging, sticking to my teeth, as if to say...

"no, not yet, don't leave me... there's more. gore me!"

background music-riders on the storm-the doors-american prayer

__Huntress__ 56M/59F

1/27/2006 8:13 pm

and then again
he pressed
he paused
then pressed again ...

he bit the part of her
that begged for quickening ...


supinefeline 52M

1/28/2006 2:42 am

ahhhhhhhhhh... huntress!

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