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3/25/2005 11:05 am

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"No way, OkCupid sucks! You've gotta try AdultFriendFinder! It has hotter chicks on it, and you can see 'em naked! It's soooo much better!"

That's what easily a dozen of my friends told me, in varying forms. I was doing just fine for myself on OkCupid... except for the fact that the interest I've been getting has only been of the sexual nature. And I've got no problem with that, but being compatible with a woman is so much more important to me. I've pulled out of [relationships with] girls with whom I couldn't talk. Sex is better than great -- as a Scorpio, I'm bound by astrological law to say that -- but girls who only wrote me because of my Most Private Thing were inundating my mailbox with "let me suk u plz" messages. I couldn't find a single woman by whom I was stimulated and who wasn't, herself, buried under a mountain of messages from boys to whom she was just an array of holes.

So I checked out AdultFriendFinder, and Standard membership was okay for a while... until I realized that, without a way to jump to the top of the listings (and with the ridiculously small amounts of data each entry lists), I'd never be seen.

Villainy, thy name be Propaganda.

So I paid for the Gold level and, lo, the reason I was having such trouble dealing with other members wasn't that my membership level restricted me before, but that the entire system was so poorly-designed and counterintutive that it's almost random chance if two people develop significant mutual attraction.

Because that's why I'm -- and, I assume, everyone else on this network is -- here: to meet someone who they think kicks booty. That's what all these little personals sites are for: to serve as a giant electronic mixer, giving everyone the opportunity to find that person or bunch of people who'll say:

"Hey, I dig you. You're cool. Let's go do something."

And so I'm still here. While I might post sometime about what OkCupid's got that AdultFriendFinder ain't and vice versa, the plain fact is that I'm going to stick around AdultFriendFinder for a while, even if it's only to get more people in my mixer. For sex, for talk, for...

Well, for her.

I used to think personal ads in the Free Times we're vaguely sad. I guess I'll put my hair up.

-- tobes

keithcancook 61M
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3/26/2005 5:45 am

I agree, making matches is not as easy nor are the numbers as high as advertised. I have settled on blogging. Sending out e-mails was taking too much time and yielding no results. At least I can be creative in the blog and let more of who I am come out into the open.

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