how do you single folk go to meet someone?  

supermanprime1 52M
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8/20/2006 6:57 am

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5/26/2008 12:22 pm

how do you single folk go to meet someone?

I am just wondering because my 4 year old daughter takes up so much of my time and the only time I really have to my self is either at night when she is sleeping or on weekends when she stays over her grandmas' house. I don't really like going out to bars. would rather drink at home if at all. today I will bring my daughter to chuck e cheese. She loves that place. maybe I'll meet someone there? We'll see.

phoenix639 50F

8/20/2006 7:35 am

Im in the same boat as you hun.

I dont get out much at all, ive been out lots though this summer hollidays as my daughters been away with her dad in Japan & is now in France until the end of the month.

Once shes home its back to mum mode & being a hermit again for me.

Grab every moment you can to be social & enjoy yourself


8/20/2006 7:40 am

Well being single myself I meet almost everywhere, I travel and I do lots of things. But when you have small children it can bit a bit of a challenge to meet people.There are singles groups such as parents without partners so I guess it really just denpends on the person

LadyGrayLeopard 57F
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8/20/2006 8:24 am

Things are a bit easier when the kids are bigger but even now when mine are really big teenagers, I don't bring guys here.

Therefore I am looking for free guys only. I hate hotels etc (unless a weekend trip or something).

In the past I used to take their friends here for a weekend, and then some other weekend my kids went to the other place, to stay with another single mom. I live far from my parents and other family (more than 2000 km) so they are not available.

I think this site is a good way to learn to know new people, chat and see how things are, and then meet if it feels good...

Good luck!!!
And patience...

Adam69Eva2005 48F

8/20/2006 9:17 am

I know exactly what u mean ... I`m separated mother of 2 gremlins ( at that age & with that character they`re have ... they`re really gremlins ) - 4 & 2.5 years old . To cheer u up ... u at least have ur weekends - kids over the grandparents , I don`t have any help with . I`m hanging on their father ( my ex ) , and that depends on his privet life & plans , and an neighbor I do have ( which has 3 kids on her own , and its really uncomfortable for me asking her of having and mine 2 - even our kids are very good company to each other ) .
So its really difficult to get out , plus the night time when kids are asleep ( my only FREE time ) outside world its not the most safe for an single woman - club & bars .
That means ... I have to wait , don`t meet ppl , don`t try at least ?
How about a natural human been needs ?

The only for what I`m sorry , some ppl are starting to think , I`m not real ... which is NOT true , but mine situation might last min change , and of course I`ll cancel even the best " hung up " in my life ... cause of my kids .
I`m trying to keep that very very real though .

supermanprime1 52M
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8/23/2006 5:00 pm

Interesting resposes. Well I took my daughter to chuck e chees like I said. I talked to a few women there but non were really my type. but it definately opens up a new venue. I guess pta or school activities would be another place to meet someone. The weekend thing is not always reliable though. maybe one day I won't be single anymore again. I don't just jump into relationships. i like to get to know the person first. but a hookup is an entirely different animal.

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