to love someone vs. being in love with someone  

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4/16/2005 11:31 am

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to love someone vs. being in love with someone

To love or be in love.

I will always love pralines and cream ice cream.

I will always be in love with determination to make something of my life.

I will forever love my parents.

I will forever be in love with my best friend.

I can go on until i have explained every aspect of my life...(trust me i wont) i will say, since my brain has started to develop i have realized this one thing. Love is under-rated. Its power, its meaning, all taken for granted. Misused, abused, neglected. A mother who can walk away from her child, a husband who lies in the bed of a stranger and goes home to his wife without a heavy heart, a love-struck man without the confidence to show his appreciation(the fear of rejection)....Love has this hold on life...good and bad....Yes people mistake lust for love all the time. Could it be that the lust was derived from a love once held??? a longing to feel that way again? that brings me to my next question: how much influence does love have on lust?

I have had the opportunity to be in love with a man. A salt to my pepper, the night to my day, the outside to my in...It was the greatest thing in the world. When i first saw him time stopped and my place in this world was with him. he was my adventure, my security, my unexplained feeling that truly defines love. the unexplained. I experienced something so powerful, so moving. I knew it was love. yes i was in love so for me there was no difference. i was in love with love! He was killed by a drunk driver who had 4 offenses and a suspended license. My spirit was killed that day, and still i strive to regain what i once had. the emotions, the feelings, the depth of my character. for a while i believed that if someone loved that man he would have never been drunk driving around. I miss the physical being but his words and love will remain with me forever. With my bestfriend (whom i have known since diapers), the connection i share with him is deep. He is the brother of brothers....(my brothers were cool but he was a much better listener)he always had an open heart for me. Even now his wife still dont understand why we connect so. (she isnt jealous just amazed-which is good!!)I have always loved him. I didnt realize that i was in love with him until he helped me through my crisis...he was my strength when all i had was doubt. Talk about a friend!!!! there isnt much difference between being in love and loving someone. I do know that you have to love them to be in love. When you learn to love someone, its not just settling or coming short. its patience, its non-judgement, it is total acceptance-flaws and all. (i learned to love myself. It wasnt instant. It wasnt just there. I had to figure it out. Loving someone taught me alot. It showed me boundaries of myself, it showed that its always ok for me to be me!!!Falling in love made me realize that i was crazy to let someone have such a hold on me...on my life that i was willing to go to monumental heights just to prove such!!!!and you felt good. when i really think about...i shouldnt shelter my heart and risk it all....just to feel that way. But then the questions come back. Why does love fail? (well marriages) when is love lost? when the respect is gone, the laughter will follow...whats life without laughter? life without all that is good, earnest, kind....What about the idea that love hurts and it dont? Love hurts when you have a child(temper tantrum teenagers) you seem frustrated with(lack of communication). Love hurts when you can realize your partner, lover, significant other is slipping away. It doesnt hurt when you realize you are in bliss. i dont know i think i just confused myself all over again....being in love with someone is like seeing the sunrise for the first time...having butterflies all the time and feeling free at every turn of the page...loving someone is respecting the sacrifices, appreciating the effort and satisfied, even with the short comings.

live more, laugh often, love much

poyntz4us 62M

5/26/2005 10:06 am

I can honestly say "I love you" to many. I only say I'm in love with you to my life long best friend (femal). Problem is; her husband dosent like it when I do

Poyntz \8

MsLoveRose 35F  
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5/26/2005 11:11 am

not good...he has some personal insecurites that he need to deal with....

live more, laugh often, love much

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10/20/2005 4:02 am

Here I am at the beginning. April 16 is my Birthday. It will take me a little time, but I will read all of you.


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