Rude people  

sunflower75287 41F
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6/3/2006 6:57 pm

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8/12/2006 11:29 am

Rude people

Lets just say you had met someone from the site.
And... maybe they had followed you home and no sex, but maybe some exciting stuff happened.
There was talk of getting together again... and then no word at all from them... so you give them some time, maybe they are busy, yada yada.
Then when you do see them again online... say the chat room, you try to say hi, and they won't respond at all to you.
Wouldn't it be nice to at least get a "hi, sorry, i just don't think its going to work between us, sorry".
Ugh, people piss me off sometimes.

AussienSeattle 52M
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6/3/2006 7:15 pm

Unfortunately this is pretty much the normal for men and women .. even on other dating sites .. I so much appreciate if someone actually says something back like "you know we just arent right for each other" .. or even as honest as saying "I got cold feet" ... but .. I have heard some horror stories were guys have gotten mad and abusive if someone rejects them (poor babies!) ...

Have a great weekend

rm_1SweetBitch 56F
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6/3/2006 7:25 pm

I would look at that as a good thing...a good thing you found out he was a ass very quickly.

No Day Is So Bad It Can't Be Fixed With Great Sex!

1 SweetBitch

TrueTxGtlman 54M

6/3/2006 8:17 pm

Man I wish I had a nickle for everytime it happened to me. I could se the nickles *LOL* I learned until it really felt a click happen either here online or in the real world I never assumed more than what I received was ever going to happen. Been burnt way to many times with the I will contact you later and never happened to count. Hope you find someone that will make you happy this loser never gave you the attention you deserve.


nightnsa 49M  
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6/4/2006 12:49 pm

i think you atleast need to acknowldge them....women do this too not just men

rm_Khemeckals 38M
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6/5/2006 11:25 am

Maybe he has anterograde amnesia. In which case, you could still kick his ass anyway. Not like he's gonna remember it

SirMounts 103M

6/16/2006 1:44 am

Yes, both Men and women do that, and all are wrong to.
A warm welcome to blogging, sunflower. *smiling*

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