Wonder what to tell you on first mail?  

suncrusher2 47M
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7/7/2006 9:12 pm

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7/7/2006 10:59 pm

Wonder what to tell you on first mail?

Like every male I am confused by the messages on profiles. U tell us hot for sex,but then don't return at least a auto response. How do we correct the over the top messages. If U don't tell us by some response. Do U believe we are all not interested in meeting? The statistic just do not support that idea. Where dumb an need a clue from U. Because just plain everyday stuff won't do for everyone. So help us out Ladies. How do we improve our chance to get to know U?

sensualgirfriend 59F

7/7/2006 10:04 pm

The following is an example of an email I would actually take time to answer:

"Hi. I was perusing the profiles, today and I came across yours. I also enjoy ***use personal example from her profile, here***. I hope that you are enjoying your search. As for me, sometimes it's a little frustrating because I am not sure if I'm actually writing to a real person or someone who wants to send me to their website!

Anyway, I was wondering if, when you had a moment, if you might write back to me and let me know if you'd be interested in chatting a bit or exchanging some email. I understand if after you read my profile, I might not be someone you are seeking.

I do sense that there might be a connection between us, but the only way to find out is to communicate a little to see if there are any mutual interests.

Best of luck in your searching.

Enjoy the day! Do something good for yourself, today!


***insert your name here***
***insert a 'yahoo' or other email here***

I hope that helps,
SensualGF sensualgirfriend

suncrusher2 replies on 7/7/2006 11:11 pm:
Thanks for the example. I will have to keep that in mind. I will admit to being over the top in some of my mail. I am just stupid at times. Just like most guys,and I realize that over time. Tell friends to drpo by and put there 2 cent in for me.

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7/7/2006 10:10 pm

Well here's a clue what NOT to put in the first email. An excerpt from a first time emailer that was in my email today:

Hmmm...You look like a dirty little whore...I like that...What would you like to do to me baby? I'd love to lick your pussy and pound you hard....You like it rough don't you?.....Hmmm I bet you do.

Definitely don't write something like this...what a loser he must be...lol


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