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6/6/2006 1:09 am

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I have been chatting with a couple from florida, and they wanted to meet me.
so I lie cheat and steal to get a florida flight and opt for a long layover over the weekend.
So I'm in Ft Lauderdale on saturday on sunday I drive a rental car to Tampa to meet these people.
we chat a bit then it all goes wrong.
seems the fact that I don't have a stand for or against the war in iraq really pissed the husband off.
so I got bombarded with political stuff , ok so nothings wrong with having a view but to be so overbearing about it got me kinda wierded out.
so to change the subject I asked the wife how they got into swinging , a innocent enough question , right , wrong ,
she said it made her husband happy ,and I said that she should be doing because it makes her happy. that evedently pissed him off more ,
to make it short, basicaly the night went like that , It seemed every time I said some thing to try to break the ice I somehow said the wrong thing.
well now it gets wierd.
they said they had to use the restroom and got up and left. so I waited and waited then the food came and they still hadn't come back .
I check the restroom and even had a guy check the mens , they evedently went home booked, left me at the resturant .
now my point is this, I jockied my schedule around, I flew thousands of miles across the country , drove across the damn state.( got lost alot) ,
and when we do meet and it don't work out then give the courtesy to say some thing not just leave , god .
why is it the first couple I met so far turned out to be the best.?

oh well live and lean.


wert59 51M
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6/6/2006 1:39 am

Been there and done that babe,, why do couples invite you over for a meet,, and when you get there,,its usualy the lady who doesnt have a clue whats going on,,hubby has arranged everything behind her back,or talked her into it somehow,,im 100% with you on this one,,it used to happen to me,,not any more,,all my encounters through this site now are arranged on the telephone,,and all must speak to eachother, if theres excuses at this stage then the meet doesnt happen,,agree with you again, why cant people be honest,,ive even turned up at a meet to meet a lady who used someone elses photo on her personal page!!how weired is that,,sven xx

kiaraslade 37F

6/6/2006 2:33 am

It's a good thing that you stood your ground though. Hell yeah, they fucking sucked! That was just wrong for them to ditch you there like that. But, it's a good thing that you were open and honest with them. I used to do the "swinging" thing for about 2 years. I did a lot of it b/c my husband enjoyed seeing me with other men and he just couldn't get enough of thier wives. I learned that I can make my own decisions and get what I want. It's partially what ended the marriage. LOL. No biggie, I'm happier now. Anywho, I'm really sorry that they royally screwed you, but proud that you didn't let them sucker you into their beliefs or needs.

"Take what tomorrow brings and don’t ask why." ~ Kiara Slade

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