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8/5/2006 1:37 am

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e-mails wanting details of the bindge. geeez
a quick run through.

day one-

I met with the couple that are my neighboors .
The mrs. is so fucking hot , a petite thing , she has the perfect body . what I like about them is that they are truly in love.
thier swinging activities is a way to add more enjoyment to the great sex life they already have.
No pressure everybody has fun.
the mr. is muscular and can fuck like a porn star , one thing I find interesting is he can eat me out better than she does.
and they can go all night if the mood suites them .
Like I said they are going to be hard to beat. lol (pun intended)

That same evening I met another couple that I had chatted with .
I love couples , but getting it right isn't easy , I was all hot and bothered over the mrs, but the mr. wasnt realy my type,
I really dont want to offend anyone but he just wasn't "my " type of guy , a bit heavy and hairy.
I almost backed out but was so turned on by the wife I went to thier house.
To my relief and they may have picked up on what I was feeling or it could have just been thier way .
but he jacked it while me and the wife played and god she was good ,
only thing was I felt wierd with him yanking it so .
then I was eating her whie she blew him I felt a lil better .
but... he pulls out of her mouth and unknown to me because I don't have eyes in the back of my head he blew all in my hair.... ewwwww

day 2-

I met with my co worker g/f and we fooled around a bit ,
then went shopping .... amost a perfect day lol
I met another couple that I had been chatting online with .
they had been quite persistant about meeting .
they took me to a great resturant then we went down town to watched the sunset from pier ,
Um we never left the car , not really sex lots of petting as my brother would say "stinky finger date" lol

day 3

another special wake up by my co worker then we went to meet a couple in tacoma.
my G/f coworker went with me and we all went to some community play .
I have to say they were quite thrilled I brought another female with me ,
gave the hubby quite a ego trip . we all ended up at a hotel (evedntly they have kids).
Ok this is why im thinking a a guy body guard thingy .
this guy was the nicest gentalist guy till we ended up at the hotel.
He may have thought he was being sexy I dont know , but he started cussing
saying things like "you fucking whores " and eat her nasty snatch" and shit like that .
then when he was going to nut he grabbed my head and pushed it into his wifes head that we bumped together kinda hard.
Oh i saw what was cummming . now it may be me but guys seem to think we like it in the face ,,,, at least in my case ... no no ewwwww
when we take it in the face its for you not us ! geeez
I artfully ducked lol

day 4

I met a nice couple but I could tell the whole swinging thing was more his idea than hers.
we went to a movie , bad idea who can talk during it lol
basically the wife and i rubbed him through his pants during the movie.

day 5

met a local couple I did have real good sex with them and I thought they could another good one till the pillow talk .
they had opinions of all the other local swingers in the area and none of it good.
I dont know if they wanted to impress me or make it so i wouldn't try to meet anyone else
dont know but kinda wierd.

day 6

I met with the queen ann c.p.r. couple , been wanting to get my hands on them a long time.
great people but all I could think about was that dude puking in her mouth and she tried to kiss me lol

day 7

met a everette couple man what a great time they were into each other I would love to get together with them again but they are a long ways away .

day 8

another port orchard couple . they were great but about this time I was numb lol
I will try them again if they will have me , when i get feeling back

so my sexual bindge

lots o fun and something I wanted to try


21clubkid 38M  
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8/7/2006 4:59 pm

Def an impressive time for you minus some of the jerks. I am in the same town as you and would love to def get together if you have some time.

Climaximus06 54M

8/8/2006 5:39 pm

Lol !

Wow...I need a sabbatical from my job...That sounds like an awesome time !

I believe the nearest thing I've ever done to that binge-sex experience was my "hat-trick" weekend ( with three different beautiful ladies in one weekend...without weirdness or rushing, etc...). Sigh...

If I knew how much you really liked couples...I'd look for a steady relationship with a swinging partner...then, repost as a tandem (lol).

Have a great day !

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