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as requested

I was reading over my last post seems as a porn writer I would starve. lol
All I can do is tell it how I remember it. sorry if my literary skills arn't p to par.

Were was I ?

I have to say I do enjoy the good oral job but this was the first time had my hands on two peoples heads at the same time during it.
They were relentless, one would get tired the other would take over.
I really enjoyed it when mrs.x would come up and kiss me then go back down and take over for him.
He would come up and suck my nipples , that shit pushes me over the edge.
I have a funny habbit of scooting on my back during oral till I run into a headboard or wall then I try to climb it.
If I could have I would have climbed up to the roof.
Then I tried to return the favor. Now, is it just me or does anyone else feel like they are ignoring the other person during oral ?
I would go down on her but then I felt like he wasn't getting enough attention and vice versa. just wierd I guess.
Then mrs. x said she wanted to see me ride her husband so he laid down and I climed on top. now I was enjoying it alot and almost forgot about mrs x till she said " do him reverse cowgirl"
No what the hell is that? I never heard the term before. I didn't want to seem niave so I winged it . just hope I got it right lol
In my mind reverse cowgirl would be him on bottom me on top facing away from him .
So thats what I did ,nobody complained so I'm guessing that was right.
after a few strokes of that mrs.x put her hand beween my breast pushed me back so I was almost laying on top of mr x then she went down on me with him still inside. omfg I came so hard .
Never never in my whole life has that happened , how do people think of this stuff?
It's late and Im horny so I think a part 3 is in order lol


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