my first marriage  

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4/7/2006 9:05 am

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my first marriage

i dropped out of college after one semester... but that's a whole 'nother story. i came back to vegas, and got a job as a topless waitress in a private strip club. i had just turned 18. man did i make a lot in tips!

one day one of the members brought with him a nice, clean-cut, handsome, athletic, professional looking guy. he was so nice to me, and he actually looked into my eyes (instead of the usual place men look, not that i don't like that too), and i felt like he was seeing straight into my heart. he whispered that i was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and you know... i could tell he was telling the truth, it wasn't just a line like i usually heard. i just melted inside. when he asked me out to dinner that night, i said no, i had to work, but tomorrow i was free, even though it was against club policy to meet men outside the club. i was falling hard for him and i wanted his cock inside me as soon as possible.

it was torture waiting for the next night. i badly needed to fuck, but it didn't feel right calling any of my fuck buddies... i was only thinking of him. i had to masturbate many times to keep the lid on.

i met him in the lounge of the really nice restaurant he had specified. i wore the sexiest low cut dress i had; after all, he had already seen me topless, and i didn't want to disappoint. i was feeling so hot by then... as we sat in the lounge waiting, looking into each other's eyes, i couldn't think of anything but taking his cock deep inside me, wrapping my legs around his back, and just completely merging into him. i leaned forward and whispered, i just want u so bad. are u sure u don't want to just skip dinner and go straight to your hotel? no, he said, as attractive as that offer sounded, he wanted to spend some time talking and get to know me first. i just about died! i was going to have to wait longer! i was already so wet, it was a good thing i had put in a tampon before leaving home... otherwise there would have been a puddle on my chair by now.

during dinner he asked me a lot of questions about myself, and i pretty much told him my life story, even though i hadn't planned to because it would put off a lot of nice men... like the fact that i had already lost count of the number of men i'd fucked, even though i was only 18. he didn't seem to mind a bit. he told me he was 29, never married, and had his own business. he'd had a couple of close girlfriends, but he hadn't felt right about marrying any of them. i felt myself getting so close to him. finally i couldn't stand it anymore and i asked the waiter for the check! he laughed, but he looked deep into my eyes and he saw how hungry i was. he took the check from the waiter and paid it, and then we caught a taxi back to his hotel. we started to deep kiss in the taxi, and i couldn't keep my hands from exploring his body... and i just about swooned when he put a hand on my breast at the same time that my hand found the huge bulge in his pants.

in the elevator of the hotel, i wanted to take his cock out and suck him dry right there, but he laughed and said, wait, we were almost to his room. i was now so hot with anticipation that i was almost pre-orgasmic... so much so that i staggered as we got out of the elevator, and he had to catch me and lift me up and carry me to his door and inside his room to the bed, where he sat me down gently and started to undress me. of course it didn't take long, since i wasn't wearing a bra or panties. i noticed he didn't remove my spike heels... i thought i had noticed him admiring the curve of my calves they created.

he got undressed quickly, and stood in front of me. OMG, there it was at last. it was enormous, and rock hard. very thick, as well as long, and with a very pronounced ridge around the head. that is going to feel incredible, i said out loud, and we both laughed. i leaned forward and started to kiss and lick the head, but he stopped me and reached for his condoms. fuck condoms, i said. i want to feel you, really really feel you, and i want to feel your sizzling cum gushing deep inside me, completely filling me up. take a look at me... look what you're doing to me! i spread my legs... and showed him my lips, which were thick and full and spread wide apart; and my clit, which was standing proud and so swollen that it looked like it might burst! then i lifted my breasts, which felt even heavier and fuller than usual... and showed him my swollen nipples. then i said, i'm simply going to die if you don't stick that thing inside me right now! i can't wait any longer! there'll be plenty of time for foreplay later... right now i just need you inside me! let me be on top! so he lay on his back, and i squatted over him; then i slowly pulled on the string to the tampon; i let out a huge groan as it came out, and right behind it was a huge, glorious, hot, slippery, river of lubricating juice. it flowed all over his cock, his balls, and across his pelvis and down onto the bed. OMG, he called out. that is so hot!

i started to massage his cock with it, and spread it all around, when he said i'm not waiting any longer! he lifted me up, and with my hands i guided the head of his cock between my lips. i let out a scream as he lowered me down his shaft.. it was so what my pussy had been craving! the stretch was incredible, and my engorged lips were so full the friction was intense. it was so hot, it was almost a spiritual experience.

i leaned forward and he took one of my breasts in his hand and the nipple into his mouth. as he began to suck, the pleasure just exploded inside me and the waves of my first orgasm rocked my body. all i could think about was merging with him (and his cock) forever and never separating again.

as the sensations subsided, i leaned forward and kissed him... there was an incredible fire in his eyes, and i said OMG, u didn't come yet? i'm such a wild thing when i cum, i usually take my partner right over the edge with me. now he took charge. he sat up, with me still mounted on his cock, and then rolled me right over on my back with my feet above my head. from this position he brought the full strength and leverage of his body to bear on me. with long, deep, hard, and fast strokes, he quickly brought me to climax again... i'd been right, that big ridge around the head of his cock did feel incredible!

finally it looked like he was going to cum; his arms were behind my back, with his hands were over my shoulders, and he was really pulling me down hard on his cock. he started saying things like, you are fucking amazing, never felt anyone so good, can't believe i'm still alive... when he let out a shriek and had one of the most violent orgasms i'd ever seen (and i'd seen a few!) he drove it home one last time so hard that i thought he was going to rip me apart... i screamed too, and came again, my strongest one yet. with my arms around his back, i rode out his passion with joy and ecstasy. it was the most incredible union of my life.

over the next few months he spent more and more time in vegas with me. our sexual relationship reached such a crescendo that it became like a highly addictive drug for me. i wanted him more and more every minute, and i wasn't happy unless his cock was buried deep inside me and my body was exploding in orgasm.

then one weekend he had to cancel at the last minute. i was so dissappointed, so desparate! i called up one of my fuck buddies, and found out he was having a big sex party that night. just what i needed!

this guy was really well off and had a great house for a party. pool, hot tub on the deck overlooking a great mountain view, lots of bedrooms. he usually invited me to all his parties, but he knew i had been so into chris lately that he hadn't bothered this time. he was happy to see me.

as soon as i walked in i could see there were a lot of good looking men there, not that it would have mattered in my mood! i was determined to fuck them all. i was wearing a very tight, slinky dress, with my boobs hanging out all over and a slit in the side all the way up to my waist.

a good looking guy sitting on a couch and not talking to anyone caught my eye. his eyes ran me over from across the room and our eyes met... and he mouthed the word "WOW". i walked right over to him, leaned forward so he could see right into the grand canyon, and whispered in his face i needed a fuck really bad. care to help me out? of course he was, so we went right to one of the bedrooms and we got down to business. it was a good, hard fuck, and i came many times, but it wasn't the same as chris.

after we finished i went back downstairs and picked up another guy. we did it too, and by the time i went down for thirds word had gotten around and i had any number of volunteers. before the weekend was over i didn't even have to go downstairs anymore... apparently the men who wanted to fuck me had worked out some kind of take a number system.

the sad part was that however many times i came, i was still hungry for chris. no one, not even a dozen guys, could take his place.

monday i went home and crashed. i didn't notice that chris had called a bunch of times. when i woke up, i was missing him even more and thinking about how we could be together always. could we get married? would that be the answer? then i listened to all the messages and heard how concerned he was about me, how much he missed me. i called right away, and told him how missing him had driven me crazy... and all the men i had done. he was a little shocked, but he said he understood. he said he didn't want to be apart from me ever again... so would i marry him?

fast-forward about 6 months. his parents found out i was a topless waitress, so of course they were thrilled about the wedding, being a wealthy east-coast couple with a position in society to maintain, etc. chris wouldn't back down, so they agreed to a very small, private ceremony.

his bitchy mom, however, made sure that we couldn't spend any time alone together for the 5 days before the wedding. well, i was about to lose my mind. the day of the wedding people must have thought i was drunk, because i kept staggering and i was sluring my speech out of intense arousal. i made it through the wedding and short reception, but in the limo to the airport i couldn't take it anymore so we fucked right there in the back seat, much to the driver's amusement i'm sure. that helped some, but not enough.

on the plane to the virgin islands (ha ha), we did it in the bathroom, not once, but twice. people on the plane actually applauded when we came out the second time!

when we checked into the hotel we began in earnest. it was so good to have my man right where i wanted him! we did it over and over for about 3 days... with just a few bathroom and room service breaks! that 5 day suspension had just about killed me.

finally we slept, and when i awoke i was still feeling really horny, but he wasn't there! he left a note saying he went out to play golf, and hadn't wanted to wake me.

a few hours went by, and my libido got completely out of control again. i got tired of waiting and lay back on the bed. with one hand i started massaging my lips and clit, while the other played with my nipples. i was about to cum when there was a knock on the door followed by "room service". i grabbed a little coverup and threw it on, and opened up the door.

champagne, the waiter said, and strod into the room. i didn't order that, i said, and he replied "complements of the house". he set it down on the dresser and turned to face me. he was a good looking guy, tall and athletic, maybe 25. i watched his eyes bulge as he looked me quickly over... and then i saw a slight devilish grin. the coverup i grabbed was almost sheer, besides barely covering my twat! i looked down, and my nipples were fully erect and poking right through the fabric.

i walked over to him, feeling the flush of arousal, on top of the pre-orgasmic state i was already in. i got right up in his face, and said would you like a real tip? he coughed, and said mamm, what did u have in mind? (mamm? well, i guess i was married now!) i reached down and put my fingers between his legs, and slowly drew my hand up along his zipper. he was already hard, and he shuddered under my touch. how about we take your tip, i said, and bury it deep inside my pussy? he sprang into action, and was quickly out of his uniform.

seconds later he was on top of me, pounding away like there was no tomorrow. my mind and body relaxed into a string of very powerful orgasms.

then i heard the door slam, and OMG, there was chris. he was just staring at us, and the waiter didn't know he was there yet, so he just kept pounding me. just then he started to cum, and let out a big yell... plus his thrusting became so extreme that he pulled me along too, and even with chris standing there staring a me i slid into another glorius orgasm, even though my mind was screaming no, no! when i came out of it, and could see again, chris was gone.

well, it took me a while to find him and settle him down. he was very hurt, but i promised to never cheat on him again (at least without his permission, LO, and i finally talked him into going back to the room for some make-up sex, which was fastastic as ever.

two weeks after we got back from our honeymoon, however, chris came home early and caught me in bed with the grocery delivery guy. that was it; he told me he couldn't stand the betrayal, and that he would divorce me. i was crushed, but there wasn't anything i could say or do to make him change his mind. so, i packed up and moved back to vegas. all in all, my first marriage lasted about 4 weeks. i'm sure u think i deserved it, however... yes???

rm_DrBuzz2 48M
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4/7/2006 9:38 am

Great start Sugar.... looking forward to the next instalment!!

sugarbabyhhh 45F

4/7/2006 6:14 pm

thanks for the encouragement! did u like my other recollections?

rm_DrBuzz2 48M
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4/8/2006 1:44 am

    Quoting sugarbabyhhh:
    thanks for the encouragement! did u like my other recollections?
Yeah Sugar, hot stuff!! Its amazing how such written intimacy can be so arousing!

I have had a couple of immediate physical attraction incidents leading to similar spontaneous sex, but it usually involves a lot of negotiating and reassurance for good reason. That's what makes the written stuff that much more horny because that part of it is not required.

Am an avid reader of yours now sugar! Suffice to say, you are stamped on my imagination when it wanders........

QuiteAGoodHandle 52M

4/18/2006 5:07 am

Hi Sugar,

If this is a true story, yes, you deserved the divorce.

Try to be more careful in the future


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