My First Time  

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4/29/2006 11:07 am

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My First Time

a lot of people have asked me about my first time, so i'm going to write about it here.

my mom was single, and i grew up in an apartment in las vegas. she had a lot of bfs, and most nights one or another of them was always sleeping over. this had been going on as long as i could remember, so i never thought very much about it.

i was used to hearing her have sex in the next bedroom while i was trying to get to sleep, or being awakened in the middle of the night by the headboard of her bed banging against the wall between our rooms. i pretty much ignored it. but when my hormones started to kick in i started to get more interested. one night i decided to see exactly what was happening.

i went to the door of her bedroom, and opened it a crack. She had a dresser with a mirror above it on the wall opposite the bed, so i could see the two of them really well.

my mom was lying on her back, propped up against the headboard with a couple of pillows. her bf was lying face down with his head between her legs. her thighs were spread wide apart, and her feet were behind his back. her hands were in his hair, and with them she was aggressively moving his head up and down, up and down. each time his head moved up towards her belly she let out a loud moan and her eyes, which were half shut, rolled back in her head, as her head rolled back. from the look on her face, she was in incredible ecstasy.

wow, i wondered what could be making her feel that good? was he licking her? that seemed so weird... but at the same time, i felt my clit and lips start to tingle, and i wondered what it would be like to feel him licking me down there.

later on, they switched places and i watched her take his whole cock into her mouth. omg, how did she do that? it was huge! just like she had, he had his hands on her head and was working it quickly up and down. he was getting more and more excited, moving her head up and down faster and faster... finally he stopped and let out a yell, while his back arched and he lifted both of them up into the air. my mom was looking like she was really enjoying it, too... so of course i started wondering what it would be like to have that huge cock thrust deep into my mouth...

still later i saw her lower herself right down on his huge cock as he lay on his back. she cried out as she got all the way down, and again her eyes rolled back. he pulled her forward, and took one of her nipples in his mouth... and again she cried out. after a few minutes of just gently rocking back and forth, she started lifting herself slowly and then dropping down his shaft quick and hard. now he was the one crying out! well, that was about all i could take... my lips, clit, and nipples were all tingling like crazy, and my lips were soaking wet. i wet back to my room.

when i took off my robe, i noticed in the mirror that my nipples were all puffy and swollen. when i touched them, an intense shiver went all through my body. as i started to massage them and all over my breasts, i noticed that my breasts were a lot fuller than they had been... it was almost like they were growing with every stroke and squeeze! plus, my pussy was just overflowing with juices.

i lay down on the bed, and continued massaging one breast while i explored my clit and lips with the other hand. the feelings were so intense, and so incredible, that it was just blowing my mind. how come i had never known about this before? how much time had i wasted? but i was also thinking about the man in the next room... i just couldn't stop thinking about what it would be like to feel his hands and lips on my body, to taste his cock, and to feel it inside me.

next door they had finally finished... and i knew my mom would soon be fast asleep. about ten minutes later, i heard footsteps walking down the hall towards the kitchen, which must be his... so i grabbed my robe and followed him to the kitchen.

when i got to the kitchen, he was standing in front of the fridge completely naked, with nothing but the light from inside shining on him. i could see his cock, which was hanging down now but still looked very long and thick. did all men look like that? i didn't know. it seemed like he would have a hard time squeezing it into his pants!

he hadn't noticed i was there, so i said "hi" in a quiet voice. he spun around, startled, but didn't make any effort to cover himself up. hi, he said, who are you? brenda's daughter, i replied. well brenda's daughter, do you need anything? i was staring at his cock, and i blushed, and said, can i take a closer look at your... (and i pointed at it)... he laughed, and said sure. i reached out and touched it... and it twitched! i drew my hand back in alarm, and then we both laughed.

then i took it in one hand, and started experimenting with stroking it different ways. it started to swell and get hard, and then stood fully erect. wow, did that look great!

i leaned over, and give it a little kiss on the head; then a few licks, like a popsicle. he was swaying a little now, so i put one hand behind his back to steady us. then i opened my lips and took the head into my mouth. it was big! i kept licking it with my tongue, and sucking gently... then i slid my lips down the shaft until it hit the back of my throat. i stroked it like that for a few minutes... he was breathing hard, and had his hands on my head, stroking my hair.

suddenly i became aware of my own body. my nipples were erect and just buzzing; my breasts felt extremely full. my lips and clit were just buzzing too, and very wet. i wanted to feel his body touching mine.

i came up off his cock, and he looked at me, surprised. i pushed him backwards until he sat down on a chair, and i closed the refrigerator door, making it dark. i let my robe drop to the floor; then i leaned over, and offered him one of my nipples... when his lips touched it an explosion went off in my body. i let out a gasp, and reeled a little; he grabbed me and helped me straddle his legs and sit on his thighs.

now he was licking, sucking, and teasing my nipples with his tongue... and i was moaning and writhing. i was feeling completely intoxicated... the feelings were so intense i was ready to pass out. my lips, clit, and pussy were just screaming now, wanting to be touched. i managed to say, breathlessly, will you do me one more favor? what is it? he replied. will you put your cock inside me???

he started pulling me close with his hands... then stopped. how old are you? he asked. sixteen, i lied. he gave me a look, like maybe he didn't believe me, but there was a deep fire in his eyes and he picked me up, and carried me down the hall. my bedroom door was open, and he took me right inside and laid me down on the bed.

he went back and closed the door, saying we wouldn't want to wake your mother, now would we? i tried to speak, but couldn't... i was just too worked up and overwhelmed with passion... so i just gestured for him to come over quickly! he came and lay down beside me.

i leaned over and started kissing him like i meant it, practically devouring him. he responded furiously, and his hand was gently kneading and massaging my breast and nipple. then it drifted away and came down between my thighs... i let out a gasp as he slid his finger up one side of my clit and down the other.

he stroked it a few more times, and i felt it swell even more. it was so full... so tight... it almost hurt! somehow i found my voice... stop teasing me, i said. you know what i want! are you ready, he asked? he slid a finger into my pussy, and a ton of juice came running out; oh yeah, he said, you're ready, as i just about passed out.

he lifted my ankles up over my head; i grabbed them to hold them there. he was kneeling in front of me, and his cock was so hard it was purple... he was breathing really hard now. he lowered himself over me, and i felt the head of his cock probing me... i let out a cry, and he slapped a hand over my mouth to keep me quiet.

gently he pushed the head inside, and held it there... the stretch felt incredible... my body was just electrified. the tension of my first orgasm ever began building inside me, along with my desire to just take all of his cock. don't hold back, i said.

i opened my eyes and looked into his face. he looked like he was in pain, trying to control himself... then his expression changed into something fierce. he lunged forward, and rammed his cock deep inside me. the tension that had been building in me grew and expanded; he slowly drew back, and then plunged deep again. an explosion occurred inside; every muscle in my body contracted, and i was overwhelmed by the waves of ecstasy and just about passed out!

i was overcome by the urge to take him deeper inside... i put my feet behind his back, and my hands behind his neck... i pulled his head down, and whispered in his ear... go deeper! as deep as you can! he smiled, and took a few seconds to reposition himself... he put his arms under mine, and his hands on my shoulders from behind. his chest was pushing down directly on my breasts, stimulating them like crazy. you better not call out, he said... cause i can't stop you with my hand anymore. i nodded... don't wait!

using his hands on my shoulders, he made a long, powerful stroke and reached a depth he hadn't before. i started to cry out, but before i could make a sound his mouth was all over mine, smothering it. before he could even pull back, i started to cum again... and when he drove his cock home again with a vengeance, the feelings just swelled until my whole body was wracked with pleasure. back out again, and still the feelings didn't subside... and then in again, and my head just about exploded!

not only was i in ecstasy, but my mind was over come with joy; my life was going to be so wonderful from now on! i wished someone had told me about fucking before! another big thrust, and the sensations became so intense i must have passed out.

when i came to, i was very confused about what was happening... because he was still fucking me! but then the feelings started to explode again, and i whispered OMG! this is incredible!

i could tell he was getting very excited... he was breathing very hard, and moaning and grunting a little. his powerful arms were still around my back, holding me very tight while his cock thrust so deep, again and again. it made me feel like such a woman... like i was driving this grown man crazy! as his thrusts grew stronger and stronger, faster and faster, i was feeling a new surge of orgasm with every stroke...

when he finally came, it was the most incredible moment of my life up until then. he thrust so deep and so hard, and then held it there, with every muscle in his body straining for more penetration. the ecstasy was greater than ever and i felt like for the few seconds it lasted like we became one.

then came the explosion of his cum... i could feel his cock being wracked with spasms as the fluid came pumping inside me. my orgasm became even more intense, and then finally faded as he relaxed.

OMG! i said. that was the best thing ever!

where did u learn to fuck like that? he asked. what do u mean learn? i replied... that was my first time! shit, he said... well, it must be genetic! you are something else!

then he started to slide down me a little, like he was going to come out... wait, i said, grabbing him. can't we do this some more? i've just discovered it, and i don't want to ever stop! i'll do anything you want... just please don't stop!

he laughed and said what you need is an 18 yr old boyfriend. you and your mother have just about killed me tonight! she always wants to fuck again before she gets up, and i need to sleep before then, otherwise she's going to know i've been doing you!

well, i said, when can we do this again? sometime tomorrow? he laughed... we'll have to see, he said. he came out of me, and got up... and sat beside me as i stretched out on the bed. he leaned over and gave me a nice, long, slow, tender kiss... you are amazing, he said. i'm sure you're going to make a lot of men very happy in your lifetime! then he got up and left. a few seconds later i was asleep.

that morning my mother woke me. she was rubbing my forehead, and asked me how i was doing. when i started to remember everything that had happened, i smiled and laughed, and said OMG, mom, i had the most incredible thing happen... then i remembered that it was her bf i had been with, and a wave of guilt and fear swept over me... did she know? was she going to be furious? i recoiled from her a little. don't worry, baby, she said. i know what happened. i'm just glad you had such a great time. she bent over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

i was so relieved i started to cry, and we had a long embrace until the tears faded. then i said, how did you know?

how did i know, she laughed? i thought the headboard of your bed was about to come thru the wall! plus i heard both of you calling out over and over. and then, she added, there's the evidence... and looked down at the bed. huh? i proped myself up and looked... there was dried fluid all over my crotch and abdomen and the sheets, and a little blood. plus, the sheet under me was still wet.

i asked rob about it this morning, and he told me, she said. he was concerned about you because it was your first time.

are you feeling okay down there, she asked? a little sore, i said. mom, it was the most incredible experience of my life! why didn't you ever tell me? i didn't think you were ready yet, she replied. but now i'm really, really happy for you. believe me, i know just how wonderful you feel! i remember my first time, and rob is a great lover, so i'm sure you got a proper introduction!

but mom, aren't you angry that i slept with your bf? no, she said, i have lots of bfs... but damn him, if he can do you with so much energy after finishing with me i must not be working him hard enough! we laughed... this was wonderful... she was treating me like an adult, like we were equals. and now we had this secret to share. go take a bath, she said, and i'll make us some breakfast.

is rob still here? i asked. no, he took off a few hours ago, she replied. but i asked him if he would come back again tonight, and he said yes, so you'll get to see him again... i just about squealed at that, and jumped up to run to the bathroom, but my crotch was so sore I almost fell over. we both laughed as i hobbled down the hall.

continued in "My First Time Part 2"

rm_MustangD6644 53M
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4/29/2006 6:40 pm

Damn sugarbabyhhh; You were right, you are horny all the time.

Why do I get the feeling you have left a trail of broken men behind you, that howling you hear on nights of full moon, is them wishing they were still doing you, and being done by you.


Looks like Im going to have to watch this blog, along with a lot of other blokes, no doubt about it.

Djeeper1987 48M

4/30/2006 1:08 pm

I await the rest of your first time. I do believe this will make for a great story!!

Carpe Diem

rm_jd29992z 55M
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5/2/2006 8:15 am

Hmmmmmmmm do tell go on babe I am listening!!! JD

hansum_strangrr 48M
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5/2/2006 11:23 am

OMG... You saw us???

Everybody Dies, Not Everyone Really Lives.

toothysmile 51M
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5/6/2006 11:19 am

don't keep us waiting...

NNA2845 47M  
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6/27/2006 8:42 pm

Please tell more......hope that there is more to cum..

AspicDopeyDosed 51M

7/21/2006 6:17 pm

That sounded like fun, to bad we didn't get the ending. Its nice to have someone show you the ropes. I know I enjoyed being a boy toy a few times when I was young.

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