Spending me time...and thinking about earlier this morning  

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8/13/2006 9:42 pm

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Spending me time...and thinking about earlier this morning

Ok...well today I slept until 5:00pm. I know what you’re thinking "dayum ol' boy really didn't fuck the hell out of her". Well in this case sleeping is definitely believing! Well I know I said I couldn't see him again but that wasn't the whole truth! I don't want to see him because if we keep having sex like we did last night...A girl could catch feelings quick! And that’s a little risky considering the situation I'm currently in (my significant other (boyfriend) is currently overseas). So my secret Agent emails me (not like I wasn't checking my mailbox all day to see if he would) and I sort of in a girlie way ask him to go out with me tonight but he was busy! But he did make sure to tell me that he liked my story. Hell if I had any guts I would have told him how wonderful it felt to write it...but I didn't!

Aside from that I missed church so I’ll pay double tithes next Sunday. I went to the movies to see Monster House although it was a cartoon produced or written by Stephen King it scared the heck out of me! Yea I’m a sucker but oh well…I’m still trembling…LOL!

My day for the most part consistent of sleep and the history channel. The movies so far was the highlight of my night so far….I wonder if I’ll get a phone call from my !@%^* oh come on a girl has got to keep a secret or two to herself…but if that person calls you will surely read about it!

Yeah I'm energetic and the night is young!

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