Round 2  

suckblackpuss06 34F
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8/12/2006 10:01 pm

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8/15/2006 7:01 pm

Round 2 I'm on the chat room for the WDC metro area. I guess my screen name sounds interesting to a badboy sorta as he and I are chatting (despite my age requirements) he convices me to meet him at a restaurant that I picked out....we were surposed to me at 8. 8 o'clock rolls around...and nothing! Then 8:15 comes and goes still with no show....8:30 hummmmm still nothing....8:45 I'm on the phone with my friends backing out of the parking lot...hoping that this party there at is off the it was just a lot of women! So I call another female friend buy a bottle of VSOP...drink it and then pray that I don't get pulled over on my way home!!

What in the hell does a girl have to do around here to get some dick? On may way home I assumed that maybe I wasn't being specfic I made some rules that both me and my inner freak can agree too...want to hear it goes!

1. 200% protection...condoms, dental dam, etc.
2. I'm only interested in Black men
3. Ages ranging from 22-29
4. We must meet at a "neutral" location before hitting the bed
5. Yes you must pay for dinner, movie, or whatever else may cost money prior to fucking
6. Be a gentlemen....I'm a lady
7. I don't really care for skinny toothpick figured men....I need something with some weight on it
8. I'm open but not ready for couples
9. I'm not hosting
10. I don't do dirt doing the week (Monday-Thursday)
11. Me and my inner freak rest on Sunday...and give thanks to GOD for everything....and seriously ask for forgiveness

My rules may sound alittle fucked up to some but hell thats your opinion...Yes I expect a man to pay because guess what your a do the dayum thing....I could really careless about the circumstances in which I met you...but I will be treated like a lady...and nothing less!!! Ok I'm finished for now....leave a comment or vote! HOLLA

P.S. My inner freak is really starting to get pissed off! But so far I'm keeping her happy with my fingers and vibrator!! Real men step the fuck up....see ya

rm_StevenJ1234 40M
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8/15/2006 5:23 pm

Nothing wrong with the rules, you want what you want. If only I was closer and black, I could definately play by those rules.

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