Indecent Proposals and My potential last meal  

suckblackpuss06 34F
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8/17/2006 5:53 pm
Indecent Proposals and My potential last meal

Today was kind of slow….I didn’t dress up! I didn’t put on any make up! But I had to get my nails done…LOL

I go under the knife tomorrow and I’m scared as hell….enough of that for now! Today as I’m checking my AdultFriendFinder mailbox I get an email from an older yet attractive gentleman. This man is bold as hell he asks me to join him and a male friend of his for a MFM threesome. I haven’t responded yet! I must admit that his proposal was intriguing and I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t think about being in MFM threesome but the thought of some huge ass dick in my ass scares the shit out of me! One day I’ll be bold enough to have anal sex but when I do it will be with a small dick that can’t do much damage. I heard of people losing control of their bowl movements because of excessive and reckless anal sex. Plus if I did go with it, it would be my first time….and I would need two gentle, caring, and compassionate men! I’m seriously craving for some good dick and a stiff tongue but I don’t feel comfortable doing much with my sore mouth!

Ok...maybe I’m making a big deal about this wisdom teeth removal but it’s in a hospital and they are using a general anesthetic. All I can think about is those crazy specials on ABC, NBC, and CBS when people get surgery while under an anesthetic but they can still feel all the pain but their bodies can’t move!

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