Growing Pains  

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8/14/2006 11:28 am

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Growing Pains

Ok...well that special person called me....MY BABY! She just got her much anticipated phone call telling her that she was accepted to participate in our state beauty pageant! So I guess that’s my first growing pain…hell I remember asking my mother for a sister and 9 months later there she was….now she is in college doing her thing.

Well I wake up around 6:00am because I had to press my hair and get ready for work. Well right when I get up I feel this sharp pain in the back of my mouth….by now I’m thinking “ohhhh shit my secret agent may have had a little friend called VD.” So I finally get in contact with the dentist and he sees me right away….after feeling all on my sore gums toward the back of my mouth and asking all sorts of personal questions that I hate to answer…especially to him because my dentist is a sexy piece of meat! So after telling him about my drinking habits and my occasional brush with ….ummmm “the herb” he decides to take an x-ray. So the x-ray comes back….and low in behold all four of my wisdom teeth are impacted and one may have punctured my nasal cavity! So I guess this is my second growing pain. This shit HURTS I’m really starting to feel really bad for babies….hell I’m grown and doped up on Tylenol #3 and I’m still in pain…Well I go in for my extraction surgery on Friday….wish me luck!

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