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4/27/2006 1:27 pm

The young female sub her Master had borrowed was made to prepare her while Master looked on. She was lain back on the bed as the young sub placed the restraints on her wrists and ankles. They were pulled tightly following Master's orders.

The young sub was petite, pretty and had such small round breasts that she, a new mistress for the moment, began to feel aroused at the thought of taking the young sub in her mouth - biting her nipples and sucking her juices. Master could see she was getting aroused and whispered, "Good girl. I can see my choice of sub for you was the correct one. Let her do to you everything I have instructed her to do."

New mistress was spread wide over a silk sheet and could smell the young female sub as she hovered close by. Each cuff was locked with a key which the young sub then inserted into her cunt. The young subs's fingers traced over her mistress's skin and young sub's tongue played gently with her nipples - circling around them making them hard. Young sub's tongue traced a path down to between her legs and worked on her mistress's cunt. She worked her with her tongue, readying her and dipping her slender fingers deep inside. Master questioned her on the wetness and was pleased with the response.

The young sub inserted a vibrator deep into her Mistress's cunt as she returned to her clitoris, doubling her mistress's pleasures. Young sub pulled her mistress's lips apart as wide as she could until the fleshy, swollen clit was fully exposed. Mistress could feel herself wanting to cum. "No, not yet. You cannot cum without my permission. Young sub your job is done." With that the young girl bent over before the Master whilst he removed the key and she left. Mistress was disappointed that HER toy had gone. Master sensed this and grew annoyed.

Quickly he unlocked and removed the restraints and rolled her over on to her stomach. Her pleasure had come at a price. He picked up the riding crop and rubbed the leather end over her buttocks. She knew what was to come.

He body braced itself and she quivered with expectancy. He administered the first blow across both cheeks. She grasped the silk sheet and stuffed her mouth with it to stop her crying out. A second blow aroused her as she allowed the pain to become pleasure.

Blood rushed to the surface of her cheeks and her cunt too making them both pulsate. She felt alive and begged to be strapped again. "Good girl, a lesson must be learnt." And he struck a third and viscious blow, tears hit the sheet but she would not cry out. This was a lesson in submissiveness and she must remember her place.

Her master was pleased but she had not been humiliated enough. He ordered her to get on all fours. She immediately got on to the floor. He stood above her and began to masturbate. He would not allow her to have him inside her tonight. She ached for him to fuck her but he would not give her the satisfaction.

She could hear him breath quickly, "You don't deserve my cum in you tonight." He groaned loudly as he came all over over her back. The warm fluid sinking into her whip marks. Then most humiliating of all, he left her. " Do not move from your position until I feel this lesson has been learnt fully."

Sub did as she was told.

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