Agency work -part 3  

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7/25/2006 2:22 pm
Agency work -part 3

She had assumed that she would never see him again. He was a powerful man and it was a flight of fancy to think that she was anything other than a cheap thrill. She didn't dwell on it. So it came as a big surprise when instructions arrived for her to be ready for his driver at 12.30pm. She panicked - she hadn't been expecting this and she had got rid of the perfume.

When the driver came at 12.30 she explained her predicament. He laughed and dropped her off near Rackhams so she she could rush into the perfume section, spray herself with Chanel no.5 - overdoing it just in case!

Back in the car was a parcel - a pretty cream satin basque with suspenders, cream satin panties and cream laced top stockings. She laughed to herself - there was no way she could discreetly dress in these without the driver seeing. So she made it part of her warm up. She removed her white blouse and bra and put on the basque - no mean feat in the back of a car. She undid her skirt and removed it and her panties. Leaving her new panties off she opened her legs for the driver. She carefully put each stocking on taking great care not to ladder the delicate material. She licked her finger and ran it along the length of her pussy before putting her new panties on and completing her outfit.

The driver pulled up outside the hotel and whispered, 'Lovely pussy, lucky man.' She blushed and smiled a coy smile and walked towards the concierge.

The concierge did not take her up to the suite but into the hotel's restaurant. He was waiting there for her and he stood up to kiss her on the cheek. 'You smell delightful. Did you get my gift?'

'Yes I am wearing it now - it is quite beautiful. Thank you.' They made small talk in between courses, stopping once when he asked her to undo another button on her blouse so he could glimpse the top of the basque. His hand had reached across and traced the edge of her buttons and with a feather like touch had brushed her breasts.

After coffee he explained that after today this would be his final visit. She told him,too, that in a week or so's time her job would also come to an end. He had a proposition for her - to be his mistress and to enjoy all the trappings this role would provide for her. She courteously turned him down - life had been complicated enough these past few months - this would be impossible to fulfil. He nodded, understanding. He took her by the hand and led her up to his room.

This time as they walked into the room, he kissed her. It was sensual and tender. He slowly began to unbutton her blouse and let it drop to the floor. He traced her cleavage with his fingers and then unzipped her skirt. It, too, dropped to the floor.

He removed his tie and bound her hands in front of her and then secured them to a hook on the inside of the bedroom door. She grew aroused at her powerlessness and he sat back on the edge of the bed and looked at her. He removed his clothes except his underwear and lay them neatly on the bed.

He approached her and kissed her again this time harder. She felt herself getting wet and moaned. 'Slut getting aroused?' With that he pulled down the basque until her breasts were on display. He took both her nipples in his hand and squeezed hard - she gasped. 'Oh yes, slut likes this.' He bit them and pinched them - each time she whimpered and grew wetter. She could feel his hard cock against her pubic bone. He threatened to mark her for her husband and it was now his turn to get aroused as she begged him not to. 'And what will slut do for me to stop me?' With this he pushed open her legs. 'Shall I make you cum? Best to make you beg for it.' He began to rub her clit and she could feel him bathing his fingers in her juices. His other fingers pulling at her breasts.

'Please may I cum?' She pleaded.

'I think slut has to get on her knees and beg.' As he undid her hands and she got on all fours he removed his fistful of notes from his wallet and sprinkled them on the floor. She collected them up and put them in her bag. He knelt behind her and stroked her arse and then pushed his fingers into her pussy, coating them before finding her clit. 'Now what has slut got to say?'

'Please make me cum.'

'Oh yes' and with that he played with her clit until she came. Her juices were running down the inside of her thigh.

'On your back slut.' She did as she was told. He removed her panties. He demanded that one of her legs rest on his shoulders so he could look at her. As he did, he wanked. While he did this she played with her clit knowing she would be able to come again quite quickly. This made him wank harder. She came first and within a minute he came over her breasts. He rubbed his warm juices into her breasts and hardened nipples.He removed her stockings and her basque. He kissed her from a her pussy to her nipples, taking in and licking his own juices from her.'Please be my mistress.'

She shook her head and got up from the floor. He got up and told her to ring down when she was ready. 'You know, if you change your mind...' and he disappeared into the bathroom.

She put her old underwear on and left the basque, panties and stockings behind. As she met the driver she smiled, 'Nothing for the Missus today I'm afraid.' The driver laughed and returned her town.

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