Agency work - part 2  

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7/19/2006 1:57 pm
Agency work - part 2

Going into work the following day was surreal. Surrounded by normal colleagues, having normal conversations seemed far removed from the previous day. Her boss treated her as if the lunch time encounter had never happened. The only tell tale sign was his approving smile when a large bouquet of flowers arrived at noon. 'Client seems happy.' Not knowing quite how to respond she blushed a little and smiled - did he know what she'd done?

She smelt the flowers - the perfume and the blooms were exquisite. Attached was a card which she surreptitiously opened. 'Beautiful. I ask you to meet with me today. A car will pick you up at 1pm. Please follow further instructions.' Her spine tingled - a new game.

She raced to the front of the building to find a limousine waiting. A chauffeur opened the door. She felt like a movie star. Inside was a small package with a card attached. Inside it simply said:'Please wear.' She opened the package to find a white cotton bra and panties in her size. She hadn't noticed him checking her size but they were correct. Included in the parcel was a small bottle of Chanel no.5. She looked up at the smoky glass between her and the driver - should she change here or wait until she got to the hotel? She assumed that she must change now for the present had been in the car.

She slipped her panties off and put them in her handbag, she slipped the new pair on. She took her blouse off and removed her bra. She looked at where she imagined the driver's eyes would be - could he see? She lingered, getting aroused at the thought of the driver watching her. She put the new bra on and sprayed herself with the perfume. She wanted to play with herself and give the driver her full performance but the car came to an abrupt stop as she arrived at the hotel.

The driver opened the door and winked at her. He'd seen and she smiled.

She was met by the concierge and delivered to the suite. As she walked in her client came out of the bathroom wearing a robe. He walked over to her and kissed her on the cheek. He held her upper arms and nuzzled her neck. 'You smell so good.' And she thanked him. 'Are you wearing my gifts?' She nodded and thanked him again.

She was ordered to strip and show him his gifts on her. He smiled approvingly. 'On all fours.' She did as she was asked. He scattered ten £10 notes on the floor. 'Where are the panties you were wearing?' She crawled over to her bag and took out the pants. 'In your mouth and bring them here to me.' She placed them into her mouth and crawled over to him. He took the pants from her and demanded she pick up the money and put into her bag. While she did so he smelled her underwear.

She crawled back to him and was asked to kneel before him. He put the pants back into her mouth. 'Mmm good girl.' He went to her bag and removed her bra from it. He used it to tie her hands loosely behind her back. He sat on the bed in front of her and opened his robe - he was very hard.

As he held his hard cock in his left hand he used his right to trace his fingers over her body, her face and her hair. This aroused her and she could feel herself becoming wet. He rubbed her nipples over the bra until they were hard and erect. He began to pinch them between his fingers making her moan. He removed the panties from her mouth and traced his cock over her lips; she parted them slightly as the tip teased her mouth. She wanted to take it into her mouth but he resisted.

He undid her hands and asked her to remove her bra. He demanded she play with her nipples - pulling, pinching, twisting them. He insisted she did this harder as he began to masturbate.
He asked her to lay on the floor and open her legs. She did so. He knelt beside her and rubbed his nose over her panties - her clit was swollen and each time he touched it she flinched. He began to slowly remove her pants and she grew wetter as she lay there playing with her nipples.

He sat back up on the side of the bed, looking down on her. She was desperate to play with herself and took her right hand and dipped her finger in her juices and began to play with her clit. He smiled. 'Oh yes' and he began to wank as she grew more and more aroused. As before he began to call her a 'filthy whore' and they climaxed together. He came over her belly and then rubbed his warm juices into her. He then took his fingers and made her lick them clean.

He stepped over her. 'I hope you will be around when I am next in town. Please ring down to reception when you are ready.' With that he disappeared and she was left to try and clean herself up before leaving.

In the car she could still smell him on her and wanted to wash him off; her secret must be kept safe. As she got out of the limo she smiled at the driver - 'I hope your wife likes the flowers and perfume.' She couldn't risk taking them home and explaining their origins. The driver smiled - a wry smile.

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