Calling all spoiled selfish dominant women.  

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6/6/2006 2:47 pm
Calling all spoiled selfish dominant women.

It started slow at first. She was a natural and our chemistry clicked.As I massaged we would talk She had always wanted a slave, a hourse, a dog, a eunich a man to do with as she pleased.I could see it in her eyes as she tied me and beat me. Her goal was to make me cry. She once said "that was complete in itself" after having inflicted tremendous pain(described later)on me for two days.
She would be having phone sex as she verbally abused me, or had ne doing chores. My frustration excited her. She began experimenting with male chastity. I would be her eunich with balls. To increase suffering she toyed with the idea of cutting off my dick a little bit at a time until there was nothing left but a nub. wanting me to have the phantom feeling left behind after amputations and no way to release the pressure in my balls.
She would do things whether they appealled to her or not. Just to show she could. I mean it had never accured to her that she would get pleasure from making me a woman for days at a time. beating me as if I were her bitch. I was. another time she covered my genetiles with deep heating rub.(ben gay perhaps) This was done impulsivly with no forethought what-so-ever.By this time she had accepted the true freedom of complete ownership and had begun dehumanizing me into her property.where as in the beginning I had had a safe word, that to was taken away from me with malice.
I hope you are getting the idea. I do not expect this treatment nor probably even need it.It is that I am willing. I could be treated in any number of ways by a domanant female. This is to hopefully increase inquiries.
We placed ads seeking lovers for her.Men woman couples.All of it. Eventually meeting enough people to have access to them 24/7. She also had a submissive side she wanted to explore. Some how the idea of a man (woman or couple) coming in and spanking her or slapping her tits in front of me seemed funny to her. It was a very mild submissive side. The kind where she might be controlling from the bottom. Yet she was proud to have me see it. She also took great pleasure in forcing homosexuality on me.Setting cameras up so as she straddle my face while getting fucked she could watch as my ass was violated for her shear excitement.Lovers would come for an evening of play, more often for a day or two. sometimes though one would be around longer. It was a awful contrast when this happened, watching the affection between the two as my abuse continued. Seeing her lavish praise and adoring attention.
Another activity was added... extreme bondage.Once or twice a month she would immobolize me going to great lengths to insure that it would be uncomfortable and painful.This could last for hours or days. She would run a catheter to my mouth, giving herself the luxury of being able to neglect me completly. More often than not this occured when a longer staying lover was around.One time she sewed my cock and balls to the sheets tying me ackwardly as well to the foot of the bed, where I stayed for 3 days(I think) as she entertained in her bed the whole time. Ear plugs were used but I could still hear her orgasm as I felt the feet using my body for leverage.
I could go on but I think I will stop for now.

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