Worst thing ever said after sex .........  

stuckinks5 44M
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1/19/2006 5:17 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Worst thing ever said after sex .........

Been spending the time recently thinking back on all my past lovers, trying to figure out what attributes I've developed over the years and which have come naturally. Well today at work I was thinking back to the third girl I ever had sex with. I was a sophomore in college and we had met at a party, hooked up and then started to date. We both agreed it would be a very casual relationship, since we both were more interested in working toward our degree than matrimony. Well the fourth time we had sex (and almost the last time), after we both had collapsed spent from the activities, she cuddled up to me and in that soft, post orgasmic, sultry voice said....

"You know my momma told me to marry the first man that gave me an orgasm!"

Amazingly I didn't bolt right out the door at that moment, but I do remember trying to figure out which wierded me out the most, the marriage part or the fact that that was advice from her mom!

safereturns 48F

1/19/2006 8:47 pm

Whee... buzz killer from hell.

I've wondered before if "pass the Perrier" was too intimate. We're (us) more like drinking buddies than lovers--soooo perfect with me. I like you, kitten. Damn, my life is good! How did I get so lucky?! You're pretty fucking hot, my little kink fiend.

Stud man has a Brita--good ice water, but no lemons. He doesn't know. We go through it. We've started sharing a glass. Compared to rimming, it doesn't seem too intimate.

You, me, him, a big bed, few restraints and all the water I can drink... oooh, yummy. He's perfectly capable of fucking all night--and you, circus freak hard-on boy--ha. I can have you both. Same time. Right in the middle... meowwwr.

Maybe a big bath tub.

He shampoos my hair, baby. Yummy. He's good to me.

I think we're going to broadcast on cam for you. See another side of me--how a REAL man fucks me.

(I'm in a funny mood. So horny I'm aggravated. I should have made you go for a walk today, slut. you then when you quit crying make you rub my back.)

stuckinks5 44M
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1/20/2006 2:19 am

Have to record it for me....yea the line was a buzz killer, but what does the eternally horny one choose to do? I kept fucking her for another 4 weeks, and forgot about the statement.

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