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Having sex with Chuck broke the ice for me after 35 years of no dick to suck. We continued to meet and suck or jack each other off. So I started to think, "Maybe it's time to spread my wings a little." Then, at a very convenient time, a guy I had been talking to on the ClubStroke chatroom suggested Adult Friend Finders. The minute I saw it, I knew this was the place for me! I joined immediately and started searching the database for friendly faces (and even friendlier dicks!).

Shortly after joining, I heard from a 50-year-old man who lived in a fancy neighborhood near my job. We emailed back and forth and I gave him my cell phone number. Then, out of the blue, he called me one day, anxious for me to come over. His name was Randy, and, like me, he was into cocksucking and kissing. We agreed to meet that same day at his house during a 3-hour break on my job.

He had told me to call him from a filling station near his house, and he would give me directions the rest of the way. He was rather nervous about our meeting, I could tell, because he said his neighbor was having his lawn mowed and, if any of the lawn crew asked, I should tell them I had come to see about buying the Lincoln Town Car with a for sale sign on it in his driveway. (I mean, do we really get worried about whether or not we're seen by lawn guys down the street?!!)

The house was a lovely colonial, beautifully landscaped. When I rang the doorbell, Randy opened it immediately, as though he had been standing to one side of it. He was a few inches taller than I, silver haired (although he was younger), and looked He was wearing cutoffs and a tee shirt. He invited me into the den, and we sat down. He seemed rather uncertain about what to do or say next, so we exchanged casual comments about weather and things like that.

Finally, I though, "Well, this is real nice, but we're not getting ANYWHERE!" So I walked over to him, put my arms around him, and gave him a big, wet kiss with a lot of tongue. This really broke the ice. He returned my kiss with a lot of enthusiasm, then, when we broke apart, he slid his tee shirt off over his head, then skinned off his shorts and kicked them to one side. He was wearing lacy black lingerie! I was a little surprised at first, but then it almost immediately began to turn me on. He had also shaved his pubes smooth--it reminded me of being in junior high again!

I dropped to my knees in front of him and slid the panties down to his ankles. He was still soft, circumcised, and had nice dangling balls that I stroked. I took his dickhead, which was rather long and smooth, into my mouth, and he began to moan, "Oh, shit! Oh, my God! Oh, shit!" I could feel him begin to grow inside my mouth and in no more than thirty seconds, he was completely hard and about six inches long.

I stripped and we lay on the floor in his den, kissing and sucking, stroking each other's dicks, for about fifteen minutes. I fingered his asshole a little and offered to lick it, but the whole idea of any kind of ass play made him nervous, which I respected.

I asked him if he wanted to come in my mouth (I had not taken a load in my mouth at that time and was curious what it felt like). He blushed (yes, actually blushed) and then said he really wanted to jack himself off and shoot his load on my body. Sure, why not? "Shoot it on my dick," I told him. Then he began jacking off so fast it was almost a blur--he was definitely not an edger! In less than a minute, he shouted out loud and then shot an enormous load, at least four big squirts, on my cock. There was so much, it dripped down onto the floor and made a pool.

Then, using his cum for lube, I began stroking my own cock (a lot slower than he, because I wanted to avoid scorch marks!). In a minute, I shot about two thick spurts into his bush.

We washed each other's cock off, chatted for a few minutes, then he had to leave to answer his cell phone, and I had to get back to work (in a much better mood than I had left it!)

As I drove off, I thought to myself, "I think I'm really going to enjoy my hobby as a freelance cocksucker!" More next time!

Frank (strokeit51)

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