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4/25/2006 5:26 am

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One day I received one message from this person linasworld. In her profile she is asking for love making and orgy pictures. Who would not notice that she is hoax? It is probably a man disguised as woman trying to get other peoples pictures to wank off until death.

I ask myself why are there so many freak people out there when the matter is sex?

I know that most of the guys like to see pictures and watch porns, but why coming to the extreme of lying and pretending to be a girl to get other people's pictures? Would be much easier to go to a website and get loads of free pictures.

Then there is the other case, several cases actually, of homosexuals posting girls pictures and pretending to be girls just to get the chance to chat to some other men. Nothing against the homosexual, but everything against the ones that pretend to be a girl. I can understand that they feel desperate to have such experience, but why don't start honestly saying that they are man looking for man? The ones interested will, for sure reply.

And then there are the cases of the single guys that know how hard is the competition and then pretend to be a couple. I wonder how these stupids think they can go on for a first meeting without a partner? It's actually very easy to spot when the guy is single and pretending to be a couple. Sometimes he is actually a couple, but the wife is unaware of the husband's actions and, probably, fantasies.

Finally the worst time waster kind: the ones that appoint to meet and don't show up. I know that one million of things may happen to force someone to re-schedule an appointment, but it seems that such kind of unforeseen events are all too frequent with people from this "lifestyle". In any case a simple call in advance to re-schedule is very well accepted and shows respect and maturity. The worse cases are the ones that don't even bother calling to explain or to apologize. If you won't be there, don't schedule. Simple because there are a limited number of hours in a day and days in a life to be spent waiting for some asshole. Second because there so many other better people to meet and the wankers take this option out.

Why these people waste our time? It's a hard question to answer. There so many factors and variables... Any way, it would be another waste of time try to answer it. What we have to do is to avoid the time wasters. Therefore I came up with the TWI (Time Water Index).

Let's start with the conservative assumption that everybody else is a time waster in potential. Everybody starts with Index 100, which clearly means "TIME WASTER". For each of the items from theTWI List we can reduce an amount of points from the index until it reaches it's lowest, reducing considerably the probability of dealing with a time waster. I came up with this Index based in human psychology, sociology, anthropology and economical behavior. The Index is not scientifically tested but whoever is willing to help me in the experiment is more than welcome.

So let's go for the Index...

For every contact you make you should check whether the contact matches the items from the TWI List. In the following weeks I'm going to explain in detail each of the TWI List items. The list is divided in 3 groups: Community, Effort, and Experience.

1. Membership
2. Profile Complete
3. Photo
4. Album Gallery
5. Purity Score
6. ID Confirmation
7. Additional Questions
8. Physical Information
9. Personal Information
10. Answers to messages
11. Distance to you
12. Personality Test

13. Magazine
14. Blog
15. Chat
16. Phone conversation
17. Webcam
18. Referrals

19. Time of the couple together (the longer the better)
20. Previous experiences of the couple together
21. Kind of relation with partner
22. Period as member in AdultFriendFinder
23. Clear idea of what want
24. Face Photo

We're going to discuss each of the items in the following weeks and give real life examples from time wasters I had the displeasure to come across in AdultFriendFinder. If you have suggestion about the index, please feel free to add your comments.

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6/10/2006 9:01 am

Hi strixdomini,

It seems that I'm one of time taster. But I still vote your artical since what you wrote is the fact. Its will be great to meet a pretty n interligent lady sharing / discussion. I will going to ZhongZhan around middle of July. Its will be my pleasure if we able to be friend and meet you at ZhongZhan or Guangzhou.
Please feel free to contact me cool1328 @hotmail

Vote / cool

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